Are GB accountable for deaths for changing policy ?

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  • StarTrekAngel

    Most professionals believe the contrary. Hassan's clearly expresses in his book that the cult indoctrinated individual has not changed. He continues to be a loving, concerned individual who wants to do the best for himself and his family. What has been changed is the framework under which the decisions are made. Therefore, most of the responsibility seats on those who purposely manipulated the enviromment. This is not a black and white thing. The more indoctrinated you are, the less empowered you are to make "rational", decisions (I use quotes because from the view of the cult personalities, their decisions are more than rational)

    In my view, to say that the individual is always ultimately responsible, is like saying no one would ever be unfit to stand trial in a court of law. People should be tried regardless. Most individuals who are unfit to stand trial are ultimately held responsible and may go to jail anyway. The difference is that in most of this cases, the jail is a means to prevent another crime, not a punishment or a means to re adapt them.

    Indoctrination is a very powerful force. Look at advertising for an example. I have a sister in law, who after 10 years of not setting a foot in a KH, went to read jwfacts and her hands began to sweat. A cousin of my wife, also inactive for a long time, is taking on an alternative diet in order to increase her red blood cell count in preparation for a surgery that would normally require blood. She assures the world in facebook she needs to accomplish this "because of her belief"

  • StarTrekAngel

    To address your question directly, since we seemed to have misunderstood, my understanding from reading the bible, believe on it or not, is that for sure they will be accountable. Starting with blasphemy against the holy spirit, all the way thru false prophecy and ultimately disrespecting the ransom paid by Jesus by putting burdens on people that they themselves are not willing to take.

  • flipper

    Great thread. I agree- the GB and WT leaders SHOULD be held accountable for deaths due to the " no blood " transfusion policy and the deaths in Malawi due to restricting JW's from buying a 25 cent political party card. But the problem is that the GB will NEVER take responsibility or accountability for anything they have done illegally or otherwise because they are unethical and criminal in nature. Just revisit the Internet and re-read the Gilbert Campos San Diego Superior Court situation of WT refusing to release child abuse documents to courts and refusing to let a GB member testify - thus standing in contempt of court while being fined millions of $$$$ for this behavior. It tells you all you need to know about WT leaders unwillingness to be held accountable for their actions.

    As regards to whether WT leaders will EVER take responsibility or be held accountable for their unjust actions- I've gone round and round with my 90 year old JW elder dad about this before. He says, " Well, I saw elders act unjustly over the years and I just made sure I followed the Bible's directions , Jehovah will remove those elders and take care of it in time. " I told him, " Dad, I've seen unjust elders stay in positions of authority for 30 or 40 years who NEVER get removed or disciplined for their behavior and even died while still having those positions and were never reprimanded for their conduct. Nobody does ANYTHING to remove them. " Then he just goes silent on me. What can he say ? He knows I'm correct but doesn't want to admit it. Same thing with WT leaders- they refuse to admit any responsibility or accountability for their actions.

    That's how sociopath' s act. WT leaders are a bunch of narcissistic, sociopathic assholes who will never admit to accountability until the long arm of the law or the federal government steps in and forces them to comply - or go to prison. Kind of my take in a nutshell

  • Vidiot

    flipper - "...will never admit to accountability until the long arm of the law or the federal government steps in and forces them to comply - or go to prison..."

    And even then, I have my doubts...

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