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  • Phoebe

    I knew a sister who left her abusive elder husband. He was awful to her for decades and she developed many health issues. Finally, when the kids grew up she left him and moved congregations. The elders accepted she’d left and we’re okay with it but she had massive restrictions. She couldn’t pioneer, volunteer at conventions, answer up in meetings etc but she could go out in ministry. Once she left him her health problems cleared up and was quite happy in her new life but wasn’t it unfair to punish her for putting up with years of abuse?

  • LV101

    Gawd that religion is pure horror and idiots running it -- those are not men! The more things change the more things stay the same in charlatan world!

  • hoser

    Regardless of what the bible or jws say, people are animals that are cognizant of time. We are looking to secure resources for our future. Mentally in jws accomplish this by their paradise teaching.

    When a jw woman wakes up she may realize that the jw man she is with can’t provide her with resources in her old age. She decides to move on.

    This happens in the “world” a lot with women between the age of 35 to 45 if they realize they’re with a loser man. They’re still young enough to attract a new mate so they move on.

    When your woman starts going to the gym, dressing better, getting a new hairstyle and makeup it might not be for you.

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