Maybe more will follow.

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  • Jayk
    In a nutshell. A group of about 6 women who have been friends practically their whole lives that I personally know are leaving there JW husbands. My understanding is they're starting to see the hypocrisy of the .org. I'm not sure it this was a planned idea or if they where just unhappy in there marriages. Has anything like this happened before and I wonder if we will start seeing more. HAPPY TURKEY DAY everyone:)
  • waton

    Think of the children. In or out, affecting their life is not fair to them. Whatever is good for them, do it.

  • Crazyguy

    I think it’s happening more and more. Wives are waking up to that fact they have been married to a dead beat husband that really doesn’t do a damn thing in life. They just go to meetings work pathetic jobs if they work at all and sit around waiting for Armageddon. They treat thier wives not much better then the house cat and the wives are sick of it. I have a friends that’s sister has done this.

  • Giordano

    Dead beat husbands certainly. The JW religion is almost famous in how it feels about the rights of husbands versus wives.

    Yet the staying power of wives/mothers feeds the WTBTS appetite for obedience and dominance.

    Reduce the females and the WT will fold.

    And if memory is correct the Society once discouraged having children and within the Bethel family made it difficult to remain at Bethel if you married.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    wives should always remember they are sitting on a gold mine. if they lead their husband by his balls his heart and mind will follow.

  • stillin

    If my wife ever decides to leave me, it will be really ugly and way out of proportion with any real complaint she may have. I can't blame a person for wanting a better life but they ought not pretend that they had nothing to do with how life got them where they are.

    As for myself, I keep thinking that she will come to a more accurate understanding of her part in our marriage failure. Not to make her sad about herself but to build her resolve to do better.

  • blondie

    Many women have their own jobs, more secular support for leaving husbands than in the past. But any part these women may have played, it does not excuse the behavior of the husbands. Make sure your finances are protected. If it is over, time to move on.

    My mother should have moved on when I was 5, not 17. A lot of damage to me and my siblings.

  • Jayk

    I thought the same thing. If more women leave the org it may crumble. Also to my understanding a few of them did remain faithful till there kids turned 18 and then decided to split(i can see how that can be good and bad). Some still have kids under 18. I'm pretty sure they have all good jobs. One of them being a blood aunt to me started getting more independent in the past few years when she started having a change of heart to the org and her marriage.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Good for them!

  • waton
    -are leaving there JW husbands--. Jyk:

    Leaving your husbands and kids? why? because you were deceived by the wtb&t Inc company?

    Punishing your family because of what wt has done? or because you were fooled to follow?

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