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  • Deleteandrestart

    Awesome find, a snapshot of history in metal, well done 🤔

  • Simon

    Great find - definitely something magical about discovering something that's was made by someone hundreds of years ago and hasn't been touched by another person until you pick it up.

  • atomant

    these are the type of nuggets found in australia.

  • Ruby456

    wow - great find

  • atomant

    Hey cofty if you want to find some really deep targets ld be suggesting a minelab gpx4500.This detector is predominantly built to find gold and only discriminates at a shallow depth.However on the plus side it has exceptional depth capabilitys.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Very nice find! Coin collecting is what keeps me sane these days.

  • cofty

    Here are a couple more I found recently.

    Elizabeth I Shilling 1569. Notice the moneyer who hammered the die got a slight bounce and double-struck the bust.

    This one was a very unexpected find. It is a 3 Groshen coin minted in Gdansk in 1539. The king is Sigismund I also known as Sigismund the Old. He was also Grand Duke of Lithuania and ruler of Bohemia. I found it just 50 yards from where I am typing now. One possible explanation is that ships sailed from Gdansk to Leith near Edinburgh in the 16th century. You just never know what will turn up!

  • Dagney

    Nice! How fun is that!

  • Dunedain

    Nice find Cofty.

    While the U.S. is a very "young" country in comparison to Europe, and others, there are still some cool finds here. I found a few American " Indian head wheat " pennies dated from 1861 and 1862. Now these pennies are not necessarily worth a lot, and also, not extremely rare. However, what made them really historically cool, is that I found them at Gettysburg Pennsylvania, on the actual battlefield.

    Probably the most major battles of the whole Civil war, were at Gettysburg. I found the coins on the exact part of the battlefield, where Pickets charge took place. The "high water mark" of the Confederacy. I also found a musket ball, and Union bullet, there too.

    I just think its awesome, that I found 2 pennies that were dated during the Civil war, ON a Civil war battlefield. How cool is that.

  • cofty

    That is very cool Dunedain.

    Its exciting when you can link a find to known events. Battle sites in the UK have mostly been declared "Scheduled Ancient Monuments" which makes it illegal to detect there. I get a lot of lead musket balls around here. Some of them are squashed flat from hitting something - somebody!

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