Is there one thing that convinces you that the JW's are wrong ???

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    A lot of people have the same reason for leaving the org. They feel personally miserable, and they feel like they can never attain the levels of purity required, and so feel condemned.

    The reason they cant obtain the required standard is because the standards are beyond human attainment. But they are trained not to examine the doctrine of their controllers to see if it is unreasonable, Rather, they are trained to condemn themselves for failing to reach the required level.


    Where do I start???????????????

    • The love bombing when I was new and could have time counted on my visits.
    • The 'no love' straight after baptism.
    • The obvious lack of genuine love throughout the entire organization.
    • The superiority complex dubs have.
    • The self-righteousness.
    • The judgmental attitude.
    • The hypocracy............say one thing yet do another, at all levels in the borg.
    • The bitchiness amongst sisters and the rivalry between brothers.
    • The rule and women just preach.
    • The lies, cover ups, the made up rules.
    • The lives lost because of their pride.

    But the closest to my heart is

    • The abuse of my trust and the treatment my family got when my child was sexually abused.
  • Maverick

    Bliss covered the whole list of reasons I started to see the cracks in their system. The more I saw the less I wanted to be with them. Once I read the Steve Hassan's mind control book and Franz CoC I knew I was not imagining things. Maverick

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  • greven

    The root of the problem: the leadership (GB) claiming authority no mortal manshould have. All the other things (no love, false prophesies, lies, cover-ups etc) are all symptoms of this one problem. Onceyou realize they make dogmatic and unrealistic authority claims everything falls into place.


  • shotgun

    Truth is what it does not change....Present truth is bullshit....

    I could never accept how JW's attribute every good thing to Jah and every bad thing to Satan...everything.

    Little things stick in your mind...At an asssembly when I was still a kid they gave the example of a man who killed his whole family and while in prison became a brother and then how Jah had accepted him. Even as a kid I thought this guy probably would have been put to death if he lived in bible times, he had committed the worst crime against God and humanity, yet to the people at that assembly he was ok now.

    Its hard to imagine that they believe its worse to not accept all their teachings than to kill your family or that its on the same level as having premarital sex or smoking even.

  • TresHappy

    I have to say there were many things, but the first one that got me to thinking was the blood issue. That was harped on so much in meetings/book study, it seems it was constant and and after a while a real downer. Instead of reinforcing to get me to adhere, it had the opposite effect.

  • Englishman

    The FDS thing. Nowhere in the Bible is there any link between the parable of the FDS and the 144,000. Whether or not you believe in either is irrelevant, there is simply no connection made betwen the FDS and the 144,000 anywhere.


  • blondie

    Three things

    The lack of love

    The lack of love

    The lack of love

    (and the child abuse issue clinched it)

    Blondie (John 13:34,35)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    There isn't one thing. It is everything.

    In fact I don't think there is any thing they could say to suggest they might be right

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