******* Morons

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  • gumby
  • joannadandy
    "He chose to fix it by taking him back home to him."

    I am sorry but this REALLY takes the cake! It's bad enough they KILLED someone, but then to say, "it's all good, the Lord works in mysterious ways."

    Yes I am so sure, God needed him more than his mother and the others who loved him.

  • Stephanus
    Yeah ....I blame religion

    So next time an atheist goes postal, you'll agree with the cries to have something done about "those atheist assholes"?

    I've read the Bible most of my life and never found the need to kill people. Which part of the Sermon on the Mount do you base your assertion that Christianity is evil upon? Your trouble is you've gone from Dubdom's dismissal of all religions straight to atheism's, without getting to know any ordinary people who happen to worship God quietly and sincerely. I will repeat, since you seem to have had trouble picking up what I said: millions of Christians go to church every week and never harm anyone, in fact quite often come home challenged to try harder to be kinder and help people. Even my old Pentecostal church that victimised me years ago seems to be learning:

    RAK Radical Acts of Kindness When people think of outreach or evangelism, they usually think of proclaiming a message. Yet, knowing the message is only a part of the package.

    As a part of our outreach strategies we encourage cell groups to commence "Radical Acts of Kindness" in your community.

    This is not a chore, but an exciting challenge.

    Be creative and have fun!
    Ideas for RAKs
    • Mow someone's lawn
    • Visit a Ward at your local Hospital
    • Buy groceries
    • Give a gift
    • Wash someone's car
    • Make a meal for someone
    • Baby sit some children
    • Gardening
    Give us your feedback or ideas on RAK
    When our daughter died our present local church rallied around and couldn't do enough to help. Maybe that means nothing to you, but it meant much to me then and still does today. If that represents the "evil" that is Christendom, I say :"Bring it on!"
  • Simon

    "Lord, save us from your followers"

  • Stephanus
    "Lord, save us from your followers"

    Whom does one go to to register a complaint about the 100 million or so murdered by atheist communist regimes during the 20th Century?

    "Karl marx, save us from your followers!", perhaps?

  • gumby
    So next time an atheist goes postal, you'll agree with the cries to have something done about "those atheist assholes"?

    I've read the Bible most of my life and never found the need to kill people

    Hey Steph,

    Did I step on them there toes of yours a tad too hard? Sorry bud

    Your reasoning is a bit weak here isn't it?

    I realise Christians and other zealous religious people are not bad people and do many things in this world for the good of mankind. So are most dubs nice people. The point is...........there have been too many cases in which others have suffered as a result of a belief sysytem such as the boy in this story.I never said all religion should go down but rather those groups in which OTHERS rights.....such as life, and obvious mental abilities........are violated. This is a bit different than an atheist going postal.

    I never said I was an Atheist did I? I do not believe the God of the bible, yet do not deny the fact that a creator might exist. I cannot prove that God does not exist anymore you can prove he does.(same oh same oh)

    You mentioned I left dubdom and jumped on the atheist bandwagon. No I didn't. I was a christian for 6-7 years after exiting the dubs......so I know the routine.

    You say Christians don't go around killing people. Is this in our neck of the woods your talking about or everywhere? In my neck of the woods they don't........they make threats. They threaten me that if I don't accept christ as my savior I going to burn. I guess I can't call 911 on those threats but it sure pisses a guy off.


  • SheilaM

    Six your subject is right they are ********Morons we had a group here in KC that had Foster children, they would duct tape them in their beds. One night they did a fine job of it and the little boy suffocated (by the way he had a sock shoved in his mouth). NO THEY ARE NOT being protected by the State they are charged with his death and in the investigation they found the pastor and his wife had scammed so much money it would make you sick.

    Poor little kid autism is difficult, I wish the Mom had been more educated on the illness

  • obiwan

    These kind of people and thier lack of brain power, make you wonder how they make it to thier next birthday.

  • amac

    my favorite line is "a person could get evil spiritedness."

  • kgfreeperson

    A person certainly could.

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