An interesting reasoning for the existence of God (from JW public talk)

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  • slimboyfat

    I had a dream last night Sam Harris gave a talk at the local Kingdom Hall. It wasn't about religion it was about relaxing with plants. He ran over time and the chairman tried to cut him short. But I told the chairman to let him finish and bizarrely he listened to me. When the meeting was finished I tried to find Sam Harris to speak to him but I couldn't find him until someone pointed out that he had painted his face red and was difficult to recognise. That was an understatement he looked like the Podigy. Friendly enough but he didn't have a good explanation what he was doing in a Kingdom Hall. That's when I woke up and read the 2017 Yearbook.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    A1 - " 1) Theory of evolution indirectly believes that there is some cause behind everything (which would ultimately reach God)"

    The concept of 'god' comes very late on in the Theory of Evolution, being that it is just a construct of human imagination.

    A1 - " ...even this theory indirectly praises God."

    Yes, it's so wonderful how god made life, the way that every creature dies in unbearable agony, many being eaten alive by predators while running for their lives.

    The 'loving' way in which god made some animals with stings.

    Or the care He went to when he made venomous snakes, going to the trouble of drilling a tiny hole through a fang and attaching a sack of poison to the end of it, so that when the snake bites into its victim, the unfortunate creature slowly swells up to the point where it suffocates to death in fear and agony. loving the 'creator' is indeed. His 'invisible qualities' are certainly 'seen from the world's creation onwards'.

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    It is not changing my position. For me to change position, I should have firmly taken a position for and against something. That is not the case with me. I take the whole universe with everything in it (including creationism and evolutionism …) as one whole, one flow of events, and in big picture, in totality everything looks nice. I worship God and yet support the cause the atheists stand for because atheists are the God’s gifts to mankind—without them the world would have been reeling under extremist religious leaders [Remember I brought the subject of evolution as two advantages of the simple illustration the Speaker used, not as my preferred/hated subject]

  • Onager

    Just on the if evolution was true the universe would be full of life point, there are many scenarios where life exists and we would have ZERO chance of ever knowing about it.

    1) Life may exist elsewhere but not be intelligent. The planets around other stars may be full of trees and flowers and even bunny rabbits but there is no way of us knowing.

    2) Life may exist elsewhere, be intelligent but unable to broadcast detectable signs. There may be small, blue, furry creatures on Alpha Centauri, but if they don't use radios (or point giant lasers at us or something) then there is no way of us knowing they're there.

    3) Life may exist elsewhere, be intelligent, be broadcasting signals like crazy but:

    3a) Be too far away for their signals to have reached us in the short time we've been listening.

    3b) The signals from another civilisation may have washed over planet Earth 1,000 (or 10,000 or 100,000) years ago but then stopped due to them wiping themselves out.

    3c) Life may exist elsewhere, be intelligent, be broadcasting within range right at this moment but in a way that we can't detect or interpret as a signal.

    4) Life may exist elsewhere but be so different from life on earth that we wouldn't recognise it as life. Maybe deep space is teeming with life that forever avoids the death dealing heat of star systems.

    And so on and on.

    I'm afraid that although that illustration was pleasingly non-borgian it is still as flimsy as a tramps pants.

  • anointed1


    our updates keep changing. Here is an interesting read:

  • Onager

    That was interesting, thank you.

    So what are the odds that our galaxy (not even solar system) is the only one that supports life out of the whole 7 trillions of galaxies?

    Or, another way, if the chance of life happening spontaneously is a billion to 1, and there are 700 thousand billion billion stars in the universe then that means that life has started all on its own in 700 thousand billion star systems.

    Kind of humbling when you think about it isn't it?

  • punkofnice

    To give him his due, this Jobo tried to construct a good illustration. It was like most illustrations in that it can be broken down and shown to be erroneous. Marks out of 10 for a good try.........

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