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  • waton
    should have been able to prevent “Satan” from acting by reading his heart and instantaneously vaporizing him, thereby preventing the whole issue…. 🤔

    DD: wt's reposte to that is: " it is not a contest as to who is more powerful. ---"

    since homosexuality has emerged as a sin as you say, or as one of the current end products of evolution, where does that leave us, how to defend our family values?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Here is the PM I received from the OP and my reply:

    QUOTE: I know War, ect is bad. The Good thing is...with homosexuality rising so quickly at an all time high, it shows how close we are till God steps in again and clears the earth of them all. His purpose will be all that is left, and then only the righteous. Isn't that great!

    REPLY: Go blow smoke up somebody else's ass. Or go "count your time" somewhere else. I've been hearing that shit for over 60 fucking years. JW's have been preaching it for over 120 years. And Christianity has been espousing it for Centuries. It's always RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. You're fucking delusional and you don't even know it. Have you missed your Depakote? Just like all the "Old Timer" faithful JW's that I've known (and many of whom I respected) thru the years, you too will die thinking IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

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  • fulano


    We all know the reasoning. God didn’t use his capability to read the heart…A stupid reasoning. So he “closed his eyes”, so to say? Why would he do did? Was it a game? Or a plan?

  • Diogenesister

    Free will? Really?;Hmmmm....



    The Tower of Babel

    The Flood

    Sodom and Gommah


    Paul being struck down with a 'Vision'

    Pharaoh's heart being hardened

    David made to take the census (result: 1000s deaths)

    David's murdered baby

    I could go on. Where was this vaunted free will in these cases??

  • smiddy3

    the account where the angels in heaven looked down at woman of the earth and desired them so came down and took the form of men and took wives and had wicked children who ruined the earth

    This was always a puzzle to me ,what about you ?

    WTF ? So they had full body functions and were able to produce sperm so as to make a woman pregnant ? Then obviously they had to eat ,drink and shit just like the rest of us, correct ?

    Why didn`t they take on the female form as well as the male form ,then their offspring would have been super heroes..... or not..

    And isn`t this a new creation they have made taking on human form ?

    So the Angels were creators also ?

    Its all so bloody ridiculous ,I don`t know how I ever put faith in the Bible at all .

    Yes I do, I was ignorant and lacked critical thinking skills.

  • waton
    Why didn`t they take on the female form as well as the male form ,then their offspring would have been super heroes..... or not..

    S3: in the story, it is assumed that sexual pleasure is more intense, guaranteed for the male, not always for the female. So the angels went for the orgasm.

    It is telling, that the fallen angels did not fall for boys. although guarantee is there too, I assume. ask a priest.

    The pre-deluge heavenly pregnancies were not the last ones, of course, later without intercourse even.

  • FFGhost
    using mythical creations to answer was flawed.

    Well, I can't argue with that. +100 for her.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Waton - the question is, what evolutionary advantage would homosexuality impart on the individual the fittest to procreate, or more interestingly to humanity, as a whole?

    No evolutionary advantages but there are no disadvantages either. With 6% of the US population identifying as gay, homosexuality is no threat to the reproduction of humanity. In the meantime, we enjoy amazing artists such as Elton John and Freddy Mercury. We also enjoy our friends and family members living their life free and happy. Letting them be and possibly be the best that they can be makes the world a better place. Morality, arts, and life’s pleasures are also part of evolution. Happy and united groups have much greater chance at survival than groups divided within themselves.

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