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  • JohnTron72

    I replied to a lesbian on the quora website who tried to state that God destroyed Sodom because of the violent rape the people were trying to commit, not because they were homosexuals. Her argument perperuated so often was that it stated nothing about sex between "two consenting adults". But, instead of using the bible scriptures such as a man shall not lay down with another as a woman, I used something else you never hear anyone use.... I told her to look to Genesis 6:1-4 . It is the account where the angels in heaven looked down at woman of the earth and desired them so came down and took the form of men and took wives and had wicked children who ruined the earth so, God had to bring the flood to destroy them or there would have been no one righteous left. I pointed out that this showed a few things at once. First, that woman was made from and for man because, nothing like them existed in heaven or the angels wouldn't have needed to forsake heaven to come to earth to sin against God by doing so. Also, it showed that this desire and act was wrong even between two consenting adults who were even male and female type because, it was not God's purpose for them to have sex and or have children just because they desired so much to do so. Finally, it showed that by creating children in a situation unatural to God's intended purpose the final result will turn out to be the tipping point for damnation just as it was with the Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah. She chimed back that using mythical creations to answer was flawed. I told her that if she took away everything to do with God and the scriptures, then she was correct that there is nothing wrong with sex between two consenting adults, but, add God and his purpose and its Sin worthy of destruction.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Maybe that's why there is all the war, genocide, oppression, murder, assault?

    God is too busy worrying about two gals that are carpet munchers or two guys sucking c * * k.

  • Simon

    Stop with the ALL-CAPS SHOUTING

    Also, stop with the nuttery.

    Seriously, you're arguing over technicalities todo with fairy stories. It's all bullshit.

    But then to come here to tell your little story of how someone said something and you told them something else ... are we supposed to be impressed?

    Just so you know, I think you're a grade A mentalist, and if all you can talk about is gay people ... you might just be gay.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I find this post interesting; not because I'm against homosexuality, but because it is right: the bible is homophobic.

    Here are the “high level” possibilities regarding God vs homosexuality:

    1. There is no God, thereby, the bible and Quran is entirely man made. There is no issue with homosexuality.
    2. There is a God; but he doesn’t communicate with man. Thereby, the bible and Quran are man made. Assuming that God is loving and just, he probably doesn’t have an issue with homosexuals.
    3. There is a God and he inspired some of the writings in the bible or the Quran or perhaps both. However, every homophobic passages are man made teachings and philosophy. God accepts homosexuality.
    4. The bible or the Quran are entirely inspired by God however, passages that appear homophobic are not properly interpreted in context and God accepts homosexuality.
    5. The bible or the Quran are entirely inspired by God and reading the text as they stand, God clearly condemns homosexuality.

    I believe in option 1, perhaps option 2 as well.

    Option 3 doesn’t make much sense to me: You pick and choose teachings based on your desires, not logical conclusions on what originates from God. Also, does it make sense for God to leave such conflicting messages in books that are supposed to represent his teachings?

    Option 4 is even more absurd as this implies that people must twist the meaning of the scriptures beyond common sense.

    Sadly, hatred towards the LGBTQ+ community is not isolated to the JWs and it is even more sad to see people from that community trying to reconcile with the holy books while they are in fact, the source of their abuse.

  • Rafe

    Isn't humanity better off using and accepting modem secular knowledge regarding human sexuality than what the ancients knew 3000 years ago ?

    The ancient Hebrews probably had justifiable reasons why they took their stand and position on homosexuality, we should honestly assume and accept that I think.

    One thing we can unquestionably be assured of there are biological indifferences within born humans and it is inhumane to create prejudices and hatred through or because of those indifferences.

  • JohnTron72

    Free Will is the only reason people can choose to be as they want right now. God doesn't change to cater to what is popular. The scriptures tell us to abhore sin. Moses told those after he came down from the mountain that the only future they had was to choose the right way to sustain themselves and their children. There is no Destiny, just to live by the natural laws God set boundaries with. He did not create LGBTQ+. Unconditional love is not written anywhere in the bible, that's a manmade word. God's love IS conditional, or he would have forgave Satan as well as Adam and Eve.

  • Rafe

    Free Will is the only reason people can choose to be as they want right now.

    Freewill what the F ?

    Is it freewill from an individual that makes a mentally retarded or blind person ?

    Is it inherent freewill that the mentally retarded or the blind choose they way they are ?

  • Simon

    I think it's time you fucked-off JohnTron72.

    I'm god here, and god thinks you're an asshole.

  • waton

    the question is, what evolutionary advantage would homosexuality impart on the individual the fittest to procreate, or more interestingly to humanity, as a whole?


    God can’t be too great if he allowed a perfect, extremely powerful being, aka “Satan” to corrupt creation, thereby allowing imperfection which makes homosexuality possible according to the Bible, but then condemns his Earthly children for having imperfections that exist only because he allowed “Satan” to act when God supposedly is all-knowing so should have been able to prevent “Satan” from acting by reading his heart and instantaneously vaporizing him, thereby preventing the whole issue…. 🤔


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