What Comes After the Watchtower Collapse?

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  • schnell

    I was going to put this in my thread about pyramid schemes, but I thought it's discreet enough to warrant its own.

    1) There are many faithful JWs.

    2) There are many men and women who could take control and fill the void if the Watchtower collapses.

    So what happens next? As "the money going out far outweighs the money coming in", will the organization perhaps split? Will it spin off?

    Back to the pyramid schemes, that very thing happened when one prominent company was shut down and several new ones sprang up in its place.

  • TheWonderofYou

    After Collapse blazes new research trails in both archaeology and the study of social change, demonstrating that the archaeological record often offers more clues to the “dark ages” that precede regeneration than do text-based studies. It opens up a new window on the past by shifting the focus away from the rise and fall of ancient civilizations to their often more telling fall and rise.

    Perhaps relevant in the society's rebirth. So we will have to wait for the actual fall to learn more about how it worked out and what we will have to learn form it.


    This is a special organisation, people meant it had gods blessing. It will be a time of looking for a new purpose. The money will rule the process of finding new leaders. There will be hearings and even many Ex-JW, connected with this forum as well and others will be asked to play a role in the process to save the beaten and shattered bible publishing and printing society.

    The Society will arrange member participation in the investments and pay out annual reward for the new to find teaching and publishing sectors, christian life style, fashion, edcuation in setup of natural preserves with endangered species in animal arks and glossy print marketing to promote all this e.g. At least its a prestigious printing house.

    Further the JW-Bethels will become a sample society for future economical cities on earth and on Mars, where closed little societies will have to live in harmony and produce everything for themselves and autarkic all services inhouse fully autartic included of course.

    It will become the best cult ever, if we accomplish to fire the GB...and fast.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the WT/JWs will survive all of us. It may never again have the growth of the past, but it is nowhere near the point of fading off the scene. Too bad.It will likely "morph" into something "new" but it will still be the SOS. (Same Old Shit)

  • schnell
    That just discourages fading and encourages outright activism to me.
  • GrreatTeacher

    These kinds of schemes keep popping up because there are buyers out there.

    Something could be exposed as totally a fraud, but others keep popping up because there are plenty of people who are in the market for cultic religions and multi-level marketing schemes.

    It sucks, but there is a certain percentage of people who are so disposed.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I can't quite see the Watchtower splinter as the International Bible Students did under Rutherford's iron fisted rule. Then again, I can't see a total collapse. More of a deflation; a shriveling up. Under Rutherfordism you had a fanatical hard core who reconstituted their numbers after a short while.

    Nowadays, you simply have a demoralized body of wannabe Witnesses with a bunch of neurotic/psychotic needy persons. They're not likely to be the type that can reconstitute themselves.


    What Comes After the Watchtower Collapse?

    You`ll Wake Up..

    The WBT$ Will Still Be Here..

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  • millie210

    I think they will morph, rebrand and stick around. I think we see the beginnings of that now actually.

    With all the older ones dying off there is no one left to fact check anything.

    It will be just another religion with its own little shtick.

    Neither growing (while claiming to) or diminishing entirely.

    Sort of like the 7th Day Adventists.

  • steve2

    Once a religious organization gains a foothold and survives numerous "siftings", it becomes less vulnerable to "collapse" - especially if it retains access to established methods of dissemination.

    Look at what happened when Chuck Russell died in 1916. Had Rutherford and his acolytes not seized control of the corporate body and its legal corporations, he could not have established his own stand alone organization - at least not so swiftly. He drew upon the already existing Watchtower publishing empire and its diehard adherents to drive home his own vision.

    That said, what IS "collapsing" is the rate of growth of JW organization in the west and elsewhere. Remember when regional publisher numbers, baptisms, conventions and memorial attendances went up and up and up? Those days are gone. Yet there is enough of a core momentum and membership to ensure jw organization is NOT at risk of collapse.

  • megaboy

    I think the most likely thing is never a BIG collaspe, unless there is some major thing that the org does that pretty much propagates to the world that its no good it won't burn out completely.

    If it gets to the point that they have to admit they have no connection to the creator they will most likely tone down the prophetic blunderings in publications and focus on raw morality teachings and gamble with it being good enough for judgement day assuming the heads even earnestly believe in a god, could go either way but if they had any fear at all they would probably come clean, other end is that they feel they are stuck in a lie too far deep to get out of. At least thats the impression I got in a discussion with some of them.

    Proving that they have some teachings and other concepts completely wrong they simply said there is no where else to go, if wrong at least they are teaching moral things in a sense etc. That might be what people will lean on.

    Interestingly I was reading what many western call "non-canon" script (can't recall which one) that had an end time scenario where people would cry that they wasted their lives in untrue teachings with the reply being that it was pretty much on them for falling for it or something a long the lines of "oh well".

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