How many hours of field service are now required?

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I know in my old hall if you had a child and you counted him as a study, you were required to have 14 hours a month (10 in service + 4 with the study). You also had to show up at the service centers or it didn't count! So, if you were appointed, you needed to be seen going out from your group. No letter writing, telephone witnessing unless it was from a group. Pretty messed up.

  • Betheliesalot

    So there is a god that is keeping tabs on all this rubbish, nonsense.

  • ShirleyW

    70 hours for regular pioneers a month

    remember when it used to be 100, now it's 70, yeah, so Jehovah spoke to the GB an said change the hours to 70, yeah, that happened, sounds like the only true religion on earth doesn't it, Jehovah keeping hourly tabs on everyone's time knocking on doors or sitting in a subway station

  • blondie

    Special pioneers had to get at one time 150 hours/month. They got a stipend from the WTS but still had to get an outside job.

    At one time in the 50's, regular pioneers had to get more than 100 hours/month, 120 I think. Also, while regular pioneers were required to get 100 hours a month, that was 1200 hours, regardless of being sick or going on vacation or the the assemblies/conventions.

    It was once a quota for publishers that they had to get 10 hours a month; considered not doing enough if they did. Changed to a more flexible under 10 hours for some with special circumstances, but others were told that they should not stop at 10 but try to get 15 or 20 hours a month.

    *** w61 6/1 p. 328 Your Time or Your Money? ***

    Each congregation has its hour quota and each Witness strives to meet or exceed it. The average minister in a congregation spends some ten hours monthly in such evangelizing.
  • redvip2000
    So there is a god that is keeping tabs on all this rubbish, nonsense

    He is absolutely. And he needs you to put it down on paper. Evidently, the gzillions of angels at his disposal are too busy doing absolutely nothing, to be able to count all the hours.

    He also seems to be perfectly fine with the reporting of time counted while sipping coffee or slowly walking between houses chit chatting about your latest vacation.

  • Incognito
    I already know it takes 13,880 hours of field service to make one new convert.

    To correct this, it takes 13,880 REPORTED HOURS to make one convert. Just because hours are reported, does not mean that time was truly spent in Field Service or anything related to preaching.

    Consider the number that report significantly more time than they actually spend in service, then justify it by reasoning they must have spoken incidentally about Jehovah on numerous occasions through the month.

    Then there are those that start their time by calling on a return visit nearby to where the service group meets, then drive 45 minutes+ to the farthest edge of a rural territory, make 1 or 2 calls, stop for coffee, drive back to near the group meeting location, make one more return visit to conclude their time before heading home. Probably 3 hours service time counted by each occupant in the vehicle while calling on 4 homes.

  • sparky1

    Jehovah's Witnesses today have it easy! In the July 1, 1943 WATCHTOWER the following instructions for time reporting were instituted:

    175 hours a month for Special Pioneers

    50 Back Calls

    A reasonable amount of Bible studies.

    150 hours a month for Regular Pioneers

    As many Back Calls and Bible studies as can be properly developed.

    60 hours a month for Publishers

    12 Back Calls

    1 Bible study per week

    "These instructions come to us FROM THE LORD (BOLDING MINE) through his established agency directing what is required of us; and for those who really love the Lord and are guided by his counsel, that is a reasonable service requirement. This EXPRESSION OF THE LORDS WILL (BOLDING MINE) should be the end of all controversy. It is for your good that these requirements are made;" The Watchtower July 1, 1943 pg 205

    I read these words as a young Bethelite in the library at Watchtower Farms. It made me physically sick to read such unmitigated hubris.

  • blondie

    Thanks, sparky1. I knew it was larger back in the 40's. Also, you could not be appointed a regular pioneer unless you had a least 1 current bible study with a non-jw. Many people "donated" a study to some jws so they could be appointed.

  • Steel

    I wonder how many could give you a brief summary of the book of Romans.

  • eyeuse2badub

    0 to be an inactive publisher. I have now met the quota for the past 7 years and am in good standing in the congregation!

    just saying!

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