Why Does It Seem That Black People Are Always Being Shot By The Police?

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  • Simon

    Now you know why the education of blacks has been so bad. It keeps them pliable, easily manipulated to act out their own destruction at the behest of "leaders". Which other group could you get to burn down their own businesses and neighbourhoods? It takes a special kind of stupid ...

    But it's not all their fault, the real blame lies with the teachers unions and marxist takeover of the education system PLUS the people asleep at their post who allowed it to happen, of both parties. The swamp, busy enriching themselves and selling the citizens of the US down the river to make a quick buck.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    ..........maybe its because they were acting unlawfully ?

    Fighting with police officers while being investigated or arrested , running away from them after a physical struggle , are all unlawful acts and show a lack of respect for the law of the land.

    Penalties and charges come about from these actions because they are illegal.

    Most of these black guys killed would be alive today if they just respected and obeyed the law.

    ..........Just saying

  • pistolpete

    Police; Put your hand on the steering wheel!

    Police; Got a gun in your pocket?

    Driver; What do you mean?

    Police; Cause I just saw the butt of a gun, do you have a gun in your pocket?

    Police; Listen to me very carefully brother, - Listen to me very carefully, -you move your hands anywhere near that gun YOU ARE GOING TO GET SHOT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?


    Driver YES---------and then reaches for his gun! SMH!!!


  • redvip2000
    Nothing you stated about Breonna Taylor has "come out". If it is truth, then it would be out by now
    especially to defend the soft-on-crime DA.
    The facts, if you care for them, are that the warrant was to find drugs based on Breonna Taylor's ex boyfriend who no longer resided at the house. She was with a new boyfriend who legally carries.
    The fact is, no drugs were found in the house of a gainfully employed EMS. The initial charges against the boyfriend are dropped, because his shoot was a good shoot in self-defense. There weren't even any drugs planted to support the claim.

    Sure, but again, where is the murder here? In other words, the police have a warrant to execute. They go in the house, the bf grabs a gun (even if with good intentions), which leads to a shootout, where one of the bullets hits Taylor. If that is murder, then we have lost all sense on what murder is. This is obviously an accidental death.

    These types of cases, need to be dealt in civil court where the family can get compensated. Taylor is not the first innocent accidental victim to die in an exchange of gunfire between the police and a civilian and clearly won't be the last. Shit happens

  • TheClap

    "Black thugs can shoot white toddlers in the head and it not be mentioned"

    ..CNN, NBC, Washington Post, Fox News, Associated Press, ABC, CBS....and a myriad of local news outlets.

    A real conspiracy of silence there....

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The case that Breonna Taylor was not involved in drug dealing is a myth. Matter of fact, after the recent leaks in the investigation, the boyfriend has been arrested for possession. Taylor has been receiving drug packages at the address, hence the warrant.

    The timeline is clear from the investigation, the boyfriend was receiving drug packages, Taylor was not asleep, not shot in bed, the warrants were present, they knocked on the door, even though it was a no-knock, they announced they were police, broke down the door and then the shooting started.

    there's a bedroom door on the right and there's a male and a female. The male is closest to the door, so to my right, and I turned the doorway he's in a stretched out position with his hands, with a gun, and as soon as I clear he fires

    This all happens about midnight, he shot and injured an officer, he then holed up, it required the mom to ask the boyfriend to come out, he finally surrenders to SWAT a little before 1am - his girlfriend bled out on the floor because he didn’t want to go to jail.

  • LV101

    resolute Bandicoot - I recall Soros' words few yrs. ago but odd we don't hear it much - considering. I've heard he needs to be imprisoned but media seems to be quiet. Yes - he (and China) should be held accountable and are financing these thugs - their Marxist Left Dems.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • minimus

    Doc that is one of the best Chris Rock segments!!

  • trillaz

    I await evidence that Breonna Taylor was selling drugs or had drugs in her residence.

    - Where she was in the home has absolutely no bearing on anything especially since it is a fact that the neighbors home was also shot up. There was only one gun in the home, that of the lawful owner. Some Monday morning defense is trying to insinuate that she was "involved" in the shootout in the hall. First, one homeowner round was fired and I've never seen a shootout where a person that is "involved" just stands there without a gun of their own.

    -Nothing was found on premises after the fact. The reason for the warrant was not against Taylor but rather the ex-Boyfriend. The idiots in plain clothes had old data.

    -The trumped-up charges against the boyfriend for defending his home against an unknown threat have been removed. The precedent that is being set in Kentucky is they better get used to home invasions by "plain clothed" people and your action should be to let them invade because it might be LEOs. Criminals read the news too. hmm

    -Rand Paul is introducing legislation in Breonna Taylor's name to end no knock-warrants. He knows

    it was a sh^tstorm

    Accidental, debatable, especially if it were drug dealers in the home. Entering in plain clothes,no knock, with guns shows intent to shoot it out. They were instead met by a lawful gun owner doing what every lawful gun owner would do in the same situation. Imagine the terror they had when they thought their home was being broken into.

    The local residents will be paying for the department's actions. The soft-on-crime DA made the situation national by doing nothing. Whoever didn't find out the whereabouts of the ex-boyfriend before obtaining and entering is complicit.

    That department is in effect defunding itself. Encouraging bad actions by the police department is not supporting the Police, it's setting them up as fall guys.

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