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    Hillfy - My deepest condolences on the loss of your parents and sister, I'm very sorry for your losses. I am happy that you have attained your freedom of mind though and welcome to the rest of your life ! I'm sure it is challenging with a JW wife still in the organization but there are lots of folks here on this board who are in the same situation as you with a mate still in the JW's. I'm sure they can be of encouragement to you as well. Welcome to the board we are here as a support to you. Take care friend
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Welcome Hillfy333!

    i'm a few years older than you and started being indoctrinated when my mom accepted a free home bible study when I was about 7. I was baptized at 14 and pioneered for a few years, was a Ministerial Servant in my early 20's and left in disgust when I learned that there was a pedophile in my congregation (Middle Village Cong, NYC) and that the elders decided to cover up the scandal to protect Jehovah's Righteous Name. This was in the mid-1970s, decades before Bill Bowen and silentlambs exposed the Watchtower Pedophile Paradise to the world. By the time I began my fade I had delivered my first Sunday Public Talk.

    I'm sure the cognitive dissonance you experienced as a consequence of your research was INTENSE.

    As good as Ray Franz' books were, keep in mind that he was not the first and not the only "apostate" who revealed the inner working of the WTB&TS. Some, because of gratitude for how Ray's books helped them, have elevated him to near-cult status and joined what I call "the Ray Franz Fan Club." Don't fall into the fanboy trap.

    It will be interesting to hear what other issues were important to you in addition to the UN scandal and what your thoughts are about ways to aid the collapse of the WTB&TS.

    Best wishes.

  • hillfy333

    Hi Magnum, and James

    As i'm just preparing to go to work, I will answer your questions later Magnum,when I have more time.

    In reply to James, I was an ms for a couple of years, being groomed for eldership, but I had a few issues I was dealing with that hindered me. My biggest concern was knowing other people's business, and having to judge them, it so went against my personality.

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    Welcome hillky333 I`m glad you have made it here and hope your wife soon joins you , it sounds like she is more than halfway there.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Hello and Welcome hillky!!!
  • hillfy333

    1) Since you've been around JWdom for a while, I'd like to know whether you feel that JWdom has changed significantly since the Fred Franz days (60's, 70's, 80's), and if so, how?

    Most definitely, i believe we actually were bible students, even if it was coloured by Watchtower glasses.

    Though i think Freddy was a bit of a loon, he did seem to want to get deeper into bible research than the current bunch seem to. Actually they are pretty well spoon feeding their current flock.

    I think as witnesses back then we had a little more pride in ourselves. I think the current jdubs are suffering an identity crisis.

    I was very much an indoctrinated follower, but from time to time i would allow nagging doubts to surface.

    I had trouble reconciling the flood account with reality. I also could not see how a loving God could not come up with a better solution.

    Also when they originally changed the generation teaching of 1995, i must admit i became somewhat skeptical about their latest new light, and i think early thoughts of disbelief were beginning to form.

    Sadly it still took another 13 years to finally research our history objectively, and then giving myself permission to question everything.

    Thanks again everyone for your responses, i truly appreciate them.

  • Magnum
    Thanks for the info. I agree with your observations. The 1995 "generation" change was, I think, what started my waking up.
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    Nice post.

    You mentioned that most ignore you now? Perhaps this quote helps:

    "if your Absence doesn't bother them, then your Presence never mattered"

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