If your Absence doesn't affect them, then your Presence never mattered!

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  • stuckinarut2

    What a powerful quote!

    "If your Absence doesn't affect them, then your Presence never mattered."

    How true! For those who have faded or left the org, isnt it eye opening to find out just how important or valuable those "friendships" with ones in the "truth" really were.....?

    But this is not a thread to moan about being neglected...it is actually a powerfully refreshing thread that helps us to see reality, and move forward with confidence in living a real life by making REAL friends.

  • jookbeard
    it is true, I never had so much as a call or visit in the years during my fade not that I wanted one.
  • nelim
    Ehm, maybe your absence does affect them, but it's just that they won't let you know? Reminder, this is a cult... ;)
  • MarkofCane

    "If your Absence doesn't affect them, then your Presence never mattered."

    Put's it into perspective doesn't it. Shunning has commence on me and my unsuspecting family, maybe i should say undeserving, me game on, they (my family) are just victims of theocratic warfare. This has all been my doing. So now, I try and talk them into going somewhere else other than meetings, they are in a subtle deprogramming stage (they just don't know it).

    Have been trying to connect with people outside the Borg, its hard when your whole life it is instilled, drilled in you they are evil, its residue indoctrination I'm trying to undo but the tentacles run deep. I now try and occupy my time on things that matter, like family, savings and retirement.

    "The only people who I care if my presence mattered when I'm gone is my family"

  • MarkofCane
    Sorry Stuck, I Moaned a little.
  • millie210

    That is a powerful quote and so true.

    I am realizing for the first time that the religion is heavily structured to make this so.

    Anonymous articles written. Speakers names only briefly mentioned and they have to speak in a rotation rather than mostly requests.

    Everything is set up in such a way that anyone can fall out and the line keeps marching, thus making it appear that there was no change and no affect.

  • prologos
    your presence never mattered ,--- unless you were a heavy contributor , but then, with billions in real estate equity? does even that matter?
  • ToesUp
    Great and perfect quote Stuck!
  • GodZoo

    You should not have bought them presence in the first place.

  • eyeuse2badub

    "Next man up"! You did your thing for the borg now move over if you ain't got more to give!

    just saying!


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