Uber’s ruin everything

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  • Steel

    Has anyone ever been to a Jehovah witness Social event and you are having a good time till a couple idiots show up and have to twist everything back to the society.

    How many pioneers in your cong?

    Do you hear about Russia? The end of the system has to be near.

    Did you hear who is invited to the international convention.

    So on and So on.

    There is also zero biblical discussion.


    grates on my nerves.

  • Tameria2001

    When I read the title to your post, I was thinking, "How does Uber, the car rideshare program ruin everything?" lol

  • Steel
    They do for the yellow taxis.
  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Just laugh and make some insignificant comment to acknowledge them and go get another beer.

  • RubaDub

    I just get up and walk away and start another conversation when I am getting another beer.

    Rub a Dub

  • WTWizard

    Once they start bringing in people that wish to push the washtowel like this, it is time to start speaking a foreign language they do not understand. Preferably one that either has a reputation for being viciously difficult to learn (deserved or not, this might deter the jokehovians, especially at that level, from trying to learn it) or that has a reputation for being Satanic. Every time they push these questions, answer in that language.

    For instance, in most parts of North America (Mexico included), as well as South America, if they start questioning you on how many pious-sneers are in your congregation or if everyone is putting in 200 hours per month of field circus and starting 40 studies per month, an answer in German will shut them up. (Which has a partially undeserved reputation for being a hard language to learn.) (Do not try French, Portuguese, or especially Spanish for this, since there are many that learn these languages to "serve where the need is greater".) If you answer in Sanskrit, they might be afraid because that is Satan's original language and, if you start understanding it, you might start seeing where the bibles are full of lies. (Example: "Satan" in Hebrew means "adversary" but in Sanskrit means "truth".)

    I might just try that the next time those depps try hounding me about attending boasting sessions or going on Israel missions. Once I get to B2/C1 in German, I will answer them in German every time they inquire about my non-attendance or get me to commit to going. Or, if they get me to a judicial hearing, they are going to have fun trying to communicate. This trick might just work if they start coming to events to be judgmental or give people a hard time about faith to the washtowel, or hard lining the bible.

  • blankspace

    My mom was never a pioneer. She was too busy doing the right thing and raising us kids. I remember when we'd go to gatherings, the really uber witnesses would ask her things like, "Are you pioneering?" (although most of them knew she wasn't). They loved to put non-pioneers on the spot. Witnesses confuse peer pressure with encouragement. Some others would say, "We just can't wait for you to pioneer" or "Pioneering is such a blessing". Mom got fed up once and asked another pioneer sister what were these "blessings". She was like, "Well, you get to attend pioneer school". And mom goes, "Is that school based on the Bible? " "Of course! " "So you're not learning anything new. The GB probably feels you pioneers don't really spend time in personal study so they have to set aside and entire two weeks for study. Me, I read my Bible every day and I have a good relationship with Jehovah. And I don't need a title to prove my relationship with Jehovah or my self worth. " That was the last time I heard pioneers in my congregation try to take a dig at mom. At least in public. Of course we were not invited to gatherings as often as before!

  • zeb

    On a similar vein. weddings. some folk were in the situation of having to invite some jw to a non jw wedding. They put them all together on a table as they said 'near the kitchen.'

    I wonder if they spent the eve looking at everyone else enjoying themselves?

  • stillin

    One pioneer liked to be positive about everything going on in his life. He boasted how Jehovah takes care of His loved ones, indicating how special and loved he must be to Jehovah. I pointed out to him that this sort of talk must be a real put-down to a person who has done his best to serve Jehovah yet he is out of a job and things are tough.

    It actually shut him up.

  • snugglebunny

    I do recall as youngster going along to a JW friends house with my parents.. They were having a get together and pretty soon the beer was flowing, the wine was talking and a jolly time was being held by all. As the evening wore on, our host David produced his latest aquisition - a tape recorder! So we all messed around, refusing to believe that the voice being reproduced by the tape recorder was actually our own, But then - oh dear me - some sobersides suggested that we all read a chapter from the Bible out loud into the recorder and then played it back again for us all to listen to - twice. A double whammy! Great fun rapidly turned into boredom, but everyone nodded wisely and said things like "How wonderful" and how valuable a tape recorder might be at conventions. A superb evening quickly turned into a scrabble for the moral highground as platitudes were voiced and the beer bottles rapidly discarded.

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