Uber’s ruin everything

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  • LongHairGal


    I’m glad your mother put these Witness busybodies in their place. She was raising her family. She answered them correctly. She prayed every day and did not need the title of ‘pioneer’.

    I felt the same way but I was single and needed to support myself with my full time job. I heard the usual stupid remarks about being ‘unspiritual’. I ignored this stupid con because I saw all the older generation had jobs/pensions and I saw the double standard with regard to brothers with jobs. So, I kept on working and ignoring Witness bullshit until I ‘faded’ and later retired.

    It was my opinion that the only people who could really afford to pioneer were either retirees or minor school children for summer vacation. Anybody else was just foolishly living on the edge or looking for handouts. The Bible says to “count the cost”.. Well, they weren’t counting the cost and I certainly wasn’t going to give them anything!

    Any of these pioneers who ‘didn’t count the cost’ who are Baby Boomers are now in a predicament..I hope that brothers with businesses and connections will offer them jobs!

  • LauraV

    There's usually one in every JW crowd, they're just trying to impress the crowd with their so called JW knowledge

  • blondie

    I hated it when jws who were not pioneers and never were, or jws who stopped pioneering when they married, needed to get a job while they were married and had no children to support their new lifestyle.

    I remember one elder was harassing me about it and I finally asked why he wasn't pioneering. He said he had a family and children to support. I was prepared and pulled out 2 experiences in the publications, where a father with a wife and children were pioneering, even one where the brother was a CO and had a family. I also brought up this comment by a Japanese sister, That shut him up permanently and I kept those articles in my purse for anyone else that brought up the topic.


    “A FEW years ago, many of us thought that only those with special circumstances could pioneer,” wrote a pioneer, or full-time minister, in Japan. “It seems we were wrong. We are learning that only those with special circumstances cannot pioneer.”

  • Billzfan23

    You need a stash of THC infused gummy bears. Eat one when they talk, eat another when they change topics. By the end, you'll be in a good place

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    YAY for the great moms who resisted pressure to make kids grow up riding around in a car, pioneering.

    I knew several families who did that and observed the kids spending the entire day in the back seat being told to finish their homework.

    Rush to the kh, pick up a one or two people to go along. Make a stop at a laundromat to start time; head for the nearest doughnut shop where the kids had sugar for breakfast.

    Run a couple quick errands and ride to the territory.

    Couple hours later, stop for lunch where the kids drank a gallon of soda with their burgers and fries while the adults had a gabfest and ignored the kids some more.

    It's not a healthy way to raise kids.

  • zeb


    These folk also include the "What abouts". No matter what discussion, argument, or debate ensues they will always come up with "What about.." often with a pointed finger and no tact.

    Thus the Ubers are class (!) of their own and the 'whatabouts' a sub class. and yes dear friends they are the epitamy of vexation to be around.

  • pale.emperor

    Remember in your teens and you'd go a witness party and you'd find their parents sitting in the living room? And you'd think "Ugh.. this is gonna be one of those parties."

    I like that in the mags they always show JW "parties" of some guy with a guitar and them all sitting there with their songbooks singing kingdom songs. Always a jug of orange juice on the table and the sisters running around providing food.

    I think this is what the GB think it's actually like. And the JWs probably think they're supposed to be doing that.

    And who remembers the guilt trip they pulled on us in the Young People Ask book?


    It's like a Bethel party!

  • Tenacious

    I remember being at a JW wedding reception having a good time. By this time I had stopped attending but the newlyweds were from another congo. So almost everyone was not aware of my "unspiritual" state. So there I am shooting the bull with some bros from this congo when I see this man walk up to the table and signal to one of the friends (with his finger no less) to get up and follow him. Having been in the org for decades I knew right then and there that man was an elder who let the authority get to his head. In my mind I'm thinking surely he called him to ask him to help with something there. There was no way, I kept thinking, that he was calling him to reprimand him about something spiritual, at least not there and now. So I just sat there and continued talking with this friend's brother and friends.

    Sure enough, about 5 minutes later the guy comes back to the table with a long face. You know the kind you have when you exit the backroom after getting it from the elders. Being that I wasn't next to him I asked his brother what had happened and why did he look so down now. The brother explained that the elder had called him to reprimand him for something about clothing or talking to some girl I don't remember exactly. But certainly it was something that could have waited till the next meeting.

    I was seething. I could not believe this maggot elder (you know those that have that smug look on their face) would pull that crap there. As I sat there fuming my wife looks over at me to ask what's bothering me and I told her what had happened with this maggot elder. She told me to relax and not let it get to me. My plan was to go to this maggot's table and ask to speak to him in the kitchen. And then proceed to tell him what a piece of crap he was for pulling something like that right then and there. You have to understand I was full of rage at this point in my life having found out how the WTS had made a fool of me so anything pro-WTS would set me off.

    So I waited until my wife left the table so I could get at this maggot. Somehow, my wife knew what I was up to and never left. She stayed there and made people come to her. That maggot doesn't know how close he came to bodily harm. Thinking back, I thank my wife for doing that. In my state of mind, and knowing and having dealt with elders, I knew he would have mouthed off and I would have decked him plain and simple. This elder was a real stickler and company man. Last I heard him and his wife had been invited to bethel to serve but that was some years ago. He may be back or a CO. To me, he will always remain a punk bully.

  • blondie

    Tenacious, when an elder did this to me, I knew it was not a BOE opinion, not even one that required 2 elders, just a brother stepping out of the line of BOE authority. I would ask as humbly as a could (being a sister you cannot correct a brother), "Brother, is this from your congregation's BOE?" Regardless of whether he said yes or no, I would pick out the COBOE (or another elder from that congregation) bring that elder along and ask the other elder about it. Almost every time, the other elder would say no it was not, and then sometimes even pull the first elder into an area where no one could hear them talk. Never heard about it again from either elder, but that independent rule-making elder was "corrected" by the proper person.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Reading some of your comments is really making me feel that the invitations to those gatherings that never happened was a good thing! 😊

    a few few years ago my brother, now the elder, got married, they had what he described to me a “pioneer wedding”. The congregation was a large one and they wanted to share their happy day with everyone so they asked that instead of gifts, that they would be given financial help or physical help making the wedding come true.

    Well.... by that date I had left a long time ago and I was invited, note that my sister the disfellowed was not.. she is now back in the fold as she went back.

    i was really impressed that brothers and sisters were so eager to help, making, baking, hairdressing etc etc... WOW... I thought...so much love.

    Forward to the wedding day.... all went well, the reception was filled with everything needed.

    I had found really hard to look for something to wear that would not put my brother and new wife to shame as a non JW person... last thing I wanted to do.

    I must just done my job just right because.... sisters forgot who I was as they openly made awful jokes and comments about the worldly people to each other in my presence. I felt so appalled.

    I didn’t understand that these people filled with love could be so filled with excruciating dismay to others.

    To me living in a ‘worldly world’ this is not exactly a big deal... but these were God’s flock...chosen to return to earth hopefully to fulfil the paradise. Outrageous I thought!

    my brother’s wedding was low in alcohol... I don’t drink at all but I was curious about this... why I asked? He replied that was better this way than to see brothers falling drunk. AGAIN I thought..... God’s flock can’t abstain from it after two glasses and say that is all I’m allowed before gets too much???

    i don’t get it! THIS is the flock!

    Can’t witnesses see that the organisation is not real?! If you have to pretend to be happy and be someone else, speak bad about others to make yourself feel better and superior to keep a nit connection within your group... this is not the Truth as they put it.

    The world is filled of people that judge, that are not exactly good hearted.... but if these people don’t claim to be part of God’s people.....the true religion.....then it’s expected but when you claim that you are following something special and behave in an appalling way... is not the truth. Better to be in the world and live freely.

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