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  • LongHairGal

    The religion publishing disclaimers saying they are "not infallible" and can make mistakes doesn't mean anything in the eyes of secular authorities.

    Statements like this are only to keep the gullible rank & file members from criticizing them..although it is a real about-face from their former bragging.

    I really hope that Commission picks their statement apart and gets to the root of everything! Maybe more people in the religion will wake up!!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    This is not good news for them but they must have known it was coming because they are continuing to excuse their actions. The February 2017 Watchtower comes to mind when they say
    "the governing body is neither inspired, nor infallible, therefore it (they/we) can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction ."

    But they are in charge, the buck stops there. Anyway, what kind of defence is that? Just denying all responsibility after the event.


    They will hold a public hearing commencing in February 2017

    Just in time for the Feb 2017 study edition of the Watchtower,lol.

    Hopefully as it is a public hearing we will get video streaming of it again.

    That will be awesome !!

  • Magwitch

    Exactly what Data-Dog said!!! Spot on

  • Spiral

    Here's a question for anyone in Australia..... how much news coverage is all this getting locally? What is the effect on the congregations?

    Here in the US, if you manage to bring it up to any JWs you are shut down totally, as if any news from Australia is from another planet and doesn't matter. (Non-witnesses don't feel that way, of course. BUT we don't see this news in the US like you would in Australia, unfortunately.)

    I would think that this would cause more than a little consternation in the Australian congregations. And how would you defend this to people out in service?

    Go, ARC, go!

  • jonahstourguide

    The Melbourne Herald Sun has a 1/4 page notice on page 18 today Nov 4.

    It is Verbatim to the O.P..

    I believe cognitive dissonance is operative in the congs here. The silence is deafening.


  • Spiral

    @jonahstourguide, do you mean no one is even talking, privately? I wonder how long that can go on before people just explode.

  • berrygerry

    The Melbourne Herald Sun has a 1/4 page notice on page 18 today Nov 4.

  • rebel8

    What is the legal meaning of this hearing?

  • Listener

    The powers of the Commissioner are restricted to the terms of reference which are established by the Government prior to commencement.

    The terms of reference can be found here

    This is part of those terms and basically states that they have been given the power to make enquiries and recommendations. Any legislative changes must then come from the Government.

    to inquire into institutional responses to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse and related matters, and in particular, without limiting the scope of your inquiry, the following matters:
    a. what institutions and governments should do to better protect children against child sexual abuse and related matters in institutional contexts in the future;
    b. what institutions and governments should do to achieve best practice in encouraging the reporting of, and responding to reports or information about, allegations, incidents or risks of child sexual abuse and related matters in institutional contexts;
    c. what should be done to eliminate or reduce impediments that currently exist for responding appropriately to child sexual abuse and related matters in institutional contexts, including addressing failures in, and impediments to, reporting, investigating and responding to allegations and incidents of abuse;
    d. what institutions and governments should do to address, or alleviate the impact of, past and future child sexual abuse and related matters in institutional contexts, including, in particular, in ensuring justice for victims through the provision of redress by institutions, processes for referral for investigation and prosecution and support services.
    AND We direct you to make any recommendations arising out of your inquiry that you consider appropriate, including recommendations about any policy, legislative, administrative or structural reforms.

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