Letter # 2 to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Dunedain

    Hey, EVERY bit helps, good luck with this. Although, honestly, I feel the WTBS will be too cowardly to respond. Either way, its still worth it to send it, and if we ALL did this, it WOULD send a statement to them.

  • steve2

    Keep us posted, friend.

    There has been countless others before you who have composed thoughtful letters respectfully querying policies and practices only to be ignored, met with routine stock answers and/or summoned befored a judicial committee.

    If you get a different and even helpful response, I will break out the champagne - which, given I'm a tee-totaller, will be a monumental shift for me!

  • skin

    That is a very well thought out letter. But start the letter with some positive GB words first. Need to get them to like you from the start of the letter. That way you may hold their interest a bit longer, otherwise once they read your words "I was alarmed", in the 3rd paragraph it is going to sent apostate warning signals and that will be it, forgotten about, move on.
    But like the others have said, I don't believe it will get anywhere, nor will you get the reply that you are looking for.


    Hi all, thanks for your time in reading my letter. I accept the various views given and will try to adapt my letters accordingly. I now try to keep my letters short / succinct, but effective as one person suggested.

    I know that some of you think it a waste of time and understand why you might feel this way; however given the type of work I do, I have come to learn through experience that the pen is most definitely mightier than the sword. The other thing is that it helps me to off load my frustrations at what I clearly see as wrong and unfair! This helps me tremendously as know only too well the consequences of openly questioning the GB with the elders.

    Several years of biting my tongue is several years too long. Action needs to be taken. I genuinely want to see change in which genuine Christians are no longer hurting due to man made rules / policies.

    My hope is that these letters will at least be read by some Witnesses whatever their part in the organisation/society, so that they too are moved to sit up and think about the issues raised.

    Thanks again all


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I had a family member that was in charge at Bethel of sifting through mail. "Briefly summarize" content and pass to the appropriate dept I believe was the direction. Some they had permission to toss.

    I agree....its mostly overlooked (unless the first paragraph sounds legit). But don't let that deter you. I feel like its cathartic, and the sheer amount of letters increasing would definitely be noticed and communicated.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS gets hundreds of letters directed to the GB , do you really think that your letter will ever make it into the hands of one the GB members ?

    Be realistic.

    Not that your intent wasn't honest and sincere .

    All letters to the GB are screened first by assistants and staff.

    If the letter contains criticism of doctrines, you can best guest that it will be tossed onto a pile.

  • Lieu

    That's going straight into the trash can as soon as the 19 y old on the desk gets to paragraph 2.

    Paul's letters would have gone into the trash, as shall yours. It's not that kind of place .... you're dealing with people who think they are infallible.

    If they don't listen to Jesus, they will not listen to you.

  • smiddy

    If you are going to pursue this tactic , diversify , never use the same e-mail .tactic ,ruse , more than once , otherwise they will flag it and trash it in an instant.And nobody will see it.

    You have a better chance of getting into the JW paradise after the big "A" than getting your letter actually read by a GB member.

    just saying


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