2016-01-01 BOE Re: 2016 Memorial and Special Talk

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Why even bother going if you're DF'd. Just to make you feel worse??? It would be so pointless going while one's DF'd.
  • Listener

    This year, in addition to visiting inactive ones, you should make a special effort to invite disfellowshipped ones to the Memorial and the special public talk.

    So much for throwing these people out of the Congregation in the first place. How is it that they are not associating with them, or having anything to do with them by inviting them back?

    The memorial is one of the most significant acts of worship that they engage in and they're asking disfellowshipped ones to share it with them.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    Thanks wifi for the outlines! There are few minor changes in the memorial outline since last year:

    • New opening and closing songs: 147 & 149 instead of 8 & 109
    • "delivered" (in context of ransom) changed to "rescued"
    • the Lord "arrives" changed to the Lord "comes"
  • TheOldHippie
    I have a question about these letters and also about the news-told-in-advance that appear here. And I am not in any way trying to lurk some secrets out of you people here - but how are they obtained? Do people at HQ give them to you or tell it to you because you make them believe you are 100 % in, or do they know you are not quite as in as that but still give it to you, or - well, how do you get this inside information? Once again, I am not trying to make you disclose any secrets, but just in general - how?
  • konceptual99

    Letters and outlines like these are made available to elders via the protected areas of jw.org.

    There are some who are awake to TTATT but still serve as elders and have access.

    There was a brother in Bethel who leaked some more restricted content but I think he got discovered.

    There are enough Bethelites with big mouths to enable news to leak out however.

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