No Christmas, birthdays, easter...oh and we want your circus money too!

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  • John Free
  • Doubtfully Yours
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  • sir82

    $700 million in sales in Brooklyn already in the bag.

    Another $1 billion soon to come.

    And they want 5-year-olds to send them their circus money?

    "Shameless" is too weak a term for these vultures.

  • Darkknight757
    Oh my!!! This has to be the most shameless attempt at getting money out of people in all the world. Why do they keep mentioning children giving to the Borg? It's so despicable. How much money does an invisible deity need?
  • Lostandfound

    They have the hypocrisy to say "you dear brothers," the only dear thing here is belonging as a JW, it should say "you dear organisation, when you have to beg where is Jehovah's rich blessing"

    enough is enough, in my decades in I cannot recall constant begging like this, even when building Mill Hill or IBSA house, is the donations section at bethel now the biggest there, with non of is staff "redeployed" (sacked) ?

  • John Free
    John Free
    Darkknight, you are right, children being used as psychological heart-tugs...yep it is shameless.
  • GrreatTeacher

    Well, I personally heard about a brother who was going to pay for a subscription to a really good porn website, but when he heard about Chelmsford going ahead, he decided to donate that amount monthly to the building work.

    I wonder why they didn't use that faith-strengthening example...

  • dbq407

    I like this question on their money grabbing website...

    Q. I have Credit and Debit cards. Which should I use?

    A.We will gratefully accept donations from both Credit and Debit cards, although if the donation is greater than £15, we will be charged more for a Credit card donation than a Debit card donation.

    So be a good JW and use your debit card for larger'll save the asshats money :)

  • Darkknight757
    So GrreatTeacher what your saying is not only ice cream and circus money up for grabs, but now an adults monthly porn money??!! What is this world coming to?
  • brandnew

    Just when ya thought that the fabulous 7 could'nt stoop any lower........this. I wonder if lett even knows that he's the donation guinea pig in all this.😂😂😂

    Mad Puppy

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