Williams sister got engaged to some guy from Reddit

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  • carla

    It doesn't really matter if they were baptized or not, to the rest of the world if you go to meetings, claim you are one, talk about thanking jah, etc.... You ARE a jw.

    For those that claim she isn't a jw because she was never baptized then why are children who are not baptized considered jw's when in need of blood? the parents claim 'we' are jw's blah, blah, blah. Using the logic of not being baptized then the kids are technically not jw's and should be given blood as a matter of course with no discussion about it.

    What does confuse the general public about jw's is their holier than thou attitudes, dress, no holidays and then see celebrities like Prince and the William sisters and the obvious hypocrisies. Most non jw's assume it is because they donate money to the 'church' to get away with their lifestyle.

    Don't shoot the messenger, just telling you how conversations have gone with me & non jw's in the past.

  • Hisclarkness


    Technically, unbaptized children are not JWs either. However, if you are a minor then you are under the rules of your parents, JW or not. A parent is allowed to raise their child however they please, as long as they are not breaking the law or endangering the child. I understand your issue with blood but that is not the point in this discussion. The issue is who is or is not technically a JW and if you are not baptized then you are not a JW. PERIOD. It doesn't matter what you personally claim, or how others see you. If you act a certain way that would normally "bring reproach on the organization", at the end of the day it comes down to, "well, he/she is not baptized so is technically not one of us". If Donald Trump came out tomorrow saying he was a JW it would not matter AT ALL because all watchtower has to say is "he has never been baptized as one of Jehovah's witnesses so no, he is not a part of nor does he represent our organization".

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Was it Serena? Lucky guy.

    She's got an ass that just won't quit ...

  • Hisclarkness

    And again, the only other way the Williams sisters could be counseled or disciplined is if they were unbaptized publishers ACTIVELY ASSOCIATING with a congregation. Even if they were unbaptized publishers but not actively associating with a congregation then there really is nothing that could be done.

  • blondie

    Before 1988 the WTS did disassociate unbaptized publishers and they were treated as if df'd. From 1988 on they reversed that.

  • carla

    My whole point is that just because the org or current jw's say someone isn't 'really' a jw, the public at large does not see it that way. If I go every week to one particular church but refuse to identify myself as xyz most people will still see me as an xyz adherent and my actions may very well bring 'reproach' upon xyz church simply by my associating with it. Some forget the the rest of the world does not know how the jw's decide who is a member or who isn't. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it probably is a duck even if it hasn't been for swim yet.

    The jw's want their cake and eat it too when deciding who are members, commit a crime? then you were never a 'real' jw, have lots of money but go around half dressed or use phallic symbols in public well, wink, wink ok you can claim to be one, are you an unbaptized minor child who needs blood? you are not a member but hey, we can use your death for the cover a magazine! win, win! (or nowadays maybe in a cartoon or video)

    The gb could very well come out against the William sisters (include Prince at the time) or at the very least come down on their behavior and make no mistake of just who they are talking about like they do on a weekly basis when 'marking' or trying to embarrass a lowly rank & file member of the cong who eats, breathes and dies for the org.

  • wozza

    Thanks Blondie for your comment ,that makes it a bit clearer, I acknowlege it would be hard to chase someone down who travels so much and talk to them but is'nt the sisters mother a witness? If they wanted the sisters to stop talking as if they were witnesses surely they would go thru the mother?

    Seems to me they are riding a wave of passive advertising for free ........hypocrites

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