Williams sister got engaged to some guy from Reddit

by wozza 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • wozza

    So is he a witness or if not what are GB going to do about it since she identifies with the Watchtower Society?

  • wozza

    Sorry, I see there is already a topic for this ,but I'm sure the great whore ,the WTS is already following the money ,if prince can get a JW funeral she can get a KH wedding ....surely she earns enough for the GB to give it the nod

  • blondie

    Of course, Prince was baptized as a jw and not df'd or da'd. Serena has never been baptized as a jw, at best was an unbaptized publisher years ago.

    You can identify with the WTS, but if you aren't baptized as one....no dice.


    Does any of this really matter ................???

  • scratchme1010

    Does any of this really matter ................???

    Not really. I don't understand people's fascination with celebrities being in relationship with the WT.

  • Tapioca

    It matters to the extent that some individuals are treated differently than others--and it's so blatant! It's an opportunity to get those "still in" thinking about what it means if they bring it up for discussion. Get that ol' friend cognitive dissonance working for us anti-cultists!

  • Sanchy
    We need one of these JW celebrities to become the Leah Remini of the JW world
  • steve2

    Actually Sanchi, I hope not. Neither of these women are respected thinkers - they are sports celebrities - and if they ever did become outspoken against Jw organization it would serve JWs purposes to rubbish their comments as the corrupt influence of the world.

  • undercover

    A JW of George Benson's stature to pull a Leah Remini would be more substantial than a Williams sister.

    If he were to wake up, he could do some damage.

  • pbrow

    What the fuck is the gb going to do about it? What is anyone else going to do about it? She is a grown ass woman who does what she wants to do, including associate herself with this church. If we had more people like her still associating instead of fading away the jw's would be a much more normal church.

    Get the fuck out, speak your voice. Swing by swing we can knock the teeth out of this cult. The more people that just up and leave, drink the wine and give a speech, refuse the judicial committess, refuse to be shunned and just outright and do what the fuck they want to... the more "normal" this church will become.

    Stop wondering why Serena can do this or prince can do that... who gives a shit! Being a witness taught to you "do nothing" and "wait on jehovah" Take your life back and start doing what you want to do! Live the only life we can absolutely be sure that we have!


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