Williams sister got engaged to some guy from Reddit

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  • midnight

    Is that a new Norton on your profile picture wozza ? I have always loved bikes but felt guilty when I had one ( frowned upon here) I'm eager to get another 😀do you ride ?

  • wozza


    Yes I think it matters ,as one who has had a long history with the WT I remember the pushing from the org to keep high standards and the judgement that they would bring on the average publisher if they erred in small ways ,yet they prove themselves to be inconsistant as regards the wealthy and famous ,it's another way to show they are not the true religion that they say they are.

    Remember the old articles about famous people in the Awakes and how they changed their life to suit what the WTS says, and yet here we have these people associated who are living the lives we the rank and file could'nt get away with ,and the WTS lets them do it.

    This forum is a great tool to show browsers what the WTS really is ,so I think it does matter to point these things out.

  • wozza

    @ midnight yes, it's a Norton ,absolutely delicious bike wish I could afford one I've been riding bikes for over 45 years ,and guess my Bonneville will do

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Wozza, the Williams sisters have never been baptized. They are inactive unbaptized publishers at best... in other words they are nothing as far as the org is concerned. What is the org supposed to do with them?

  • honest

    She is not baptised. It annoys me when ex Jehovahs witnesses go on about why she gets away with things, it's pure and simple. She is not a jw! She is not baptised and does not need to adhere to the cults policies and will not suffer the repercussions that us baptised jw's will experience. What Is unfortunate is that she aligns herself with the Jehovahs witnesses making witnesses look more normal to the outside world not realising she is not a member of this mad cult, she is guilty of giving the cult a false look. Regardless she is free and does not have to have her life ruined unlike us who took the dip.

    She knows that being a baptised jw would of killed her career. Deep down she must know it's a crock of shit. Maybe she praises Jehovah for her tennis winnings to please her mother?

    Point is she is not a jw, just some one who has family affiliated with them.

    I am glad she has the freedom and life we all would of wanted for ourselves which we could of had of if we were not dipped.


  • JWdaughter

    I call crap. She goes on at length about her religion and going out in service. She is known as one.

    As a former UNbaptised publisher who was Dis-associated and shunned in spite of not ever choosing it or shouting it from ESPN, she has gotten away with more than lesser creatures as myself could get away with. And that ain't right, but it's not wrong of HER, it is a hypocrisy in the org. She is getting away with what she gets away with. Good for her.

  • honest

    Jwdaughter you can't be dissasociated if you were never baptised 😉. Shunning not mandated by the society for unbaptized individuals it is only mandated for those who are baptised, whether idiot members want to shunn unbaptized individuals that is of their own volition.

    The Williams sisters are not Jehovahs witnesses and if you were unbaptized you were never technically a jehovahs witness. Unfortunately people like myself were duped into the dunk and we are the ones to suffer the policy mandate of shunning.

    We must stick to the truth of the matter and the truth is the watchtower Tract society does not mandate shunning of unbaptized members, it is not listed in the policies nor is it publicly encouraged.

    There was a period in the 80s that watchtower did practice shunning of unbaptized Jehovahs witnesses if they walked away but that was reversed. Maybe you were in that category, but it's no longer a practice and it hasn't been in almost 30 years.

  • wozza

    There was a time I remember that un baptised publishers were working under the same rules as baptised ones ,and they would be asked to stop publishing (or speaking to people on behalf of the org) if they did something wrong that disqualified them .

    So if Serena is in the above category surely she should be treated with the same counsel as others? But maybe not . I am not questioning her life and morals but rather the hypocrisy of the WTS.

  • Hisclarkness

    Just to add on to others' comments that she was never baptized and thus never truly a JW (and not to mention the fact that thousands if not millions "claim" to be JWs but that doesn't mean the JWs claim them), if they are not active in any particular congregation then who exactly is supposed to "counsel" them??? Though I don't know for sure, I'm guessing she MIGHT drop by a Kingdom Hall every now and then but I seriously doubt she's actively attending meetings anywhere. And let's not forget she travels the world practically every week of the year for different tournaments. Watchtower probably doesn't know what their situation is any more than we do. The only people who know are the William sisters. If they actually regularly attended a KH, I'm sure we would know from local witnesses and word would spread through the grapevine as to their activities or lack thereof. Heck, I remember hearing about things Katherine Jackson was doing in her congregation and I live on the other side of the country! I also remember hearing confirmation that Prince was still active because, according to the elder in my hall, "well, I know he turned in time last month because that's what Br. so and so told me". I think it's safe to say that the William sisters are NOT active witnesses and most likely NOT actively associated with any particular congregation. Thus, what "discipline" could we possibly expect from WT who in all likelihood DONT claim them as JWs???

  • honest

    Wozza, they aren't even unbaptized publishers. They only occasionally go to the kh. They are merely the daughters of a jw mother. There is no hypocrisy in this situation. What do you want watchtower to do with these non jw girls who only attend occasional meetings with their mum? It's like my kids would be penalised just because they occasionally go to a meeting with us or grandparents but are not baptised.

    Watchtower does not claim them as Jehovahs witnesses. 😉

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