Ozzie's Weekend Poll #60

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  • SadElder

    Think of this, there are some 6 million publishers in the world, if evrey pub. got just 2 copies that's half of the printing of each issue. The numbers are much higher than this. How many get thrown away, who would admit it? I get 4 copies of each issue and then when the counter is unattended put three back....

  • Hapgood

    #5 Too many.

    For the three publishers in our family, we didn't pick up alot of magazines ( a really thin stack of them). But we always ended up with left-overs somehow. When they started to stack up at the bottom of the closet we used to leave them at not-at-homes, laundry mats, hospitals, wherever we could just drop them off and run. Some of them were real old, too. If that didn't work I just threw them out. I think the magazines must multiply when your not looking.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    #5. Too Many

    And speaking of tacky....makes me wonder if the good ol' WT-BATS counted all the publications placed with publishers as placed mags....you know...the ones we threw out....



    Mr. Ozziepost,

    Congrats on your 60th Weekend Poll! Visit Smiley Central!

    That's soooo cool! Besides, I look forward to these polls...they are just plain fun.Visit Smiley Central!

    How many mags.... for me?

    5. Too many!...until I couldn't stand the mess anymore....then.....Visit Smiley Central!

    9. In the recycling bin.....verrrrry freeeeeeeing!!!Visit Smiley Central!


  • Francois

    Ain't it amazing? The Borg's statistics bear less resemblence to da troof dan dere "theology."

  • Amazing

    Well, Ozzie, I juist can't answer this according to the enumerated questionaire .... sooo ... I will just simply state the ungodly TRVTH !!!

    I bought lots of magazines because I always had big dreams of placing a lot ... they added up so much thjat I would buy boxes to leave in the garage ... when I collected between two and three thousand, I would get HOLY all of a sudden and find lots of "half-Way" drug rehab houses, laundromats, and other easy public places where I could leave a wide variety spanning one to five years worth of articles ...

    ... and of course, I did this when I was Aux. Pioneering ... proving what a good little JW I was, I was ... ... and this made Big Mama Organization very impressed at the local level ... even asking me to give experiences whilst I Pioneered ... but I doubt Big Mama in New York even noticed much less cared ... but it was fun nonetheless ... then ...

    ... one day, after I left the religion, I took all the old magazines in boxes and tossed them out to be recycled in the Good Will bin ... but I kept all my hard bound and old loose-leaf bound volumes ... They sit in boxes in storage, because I now have the CDs courtesy of some very nice posters on JWD ... and maybe someday ... after they have collected lots more dust ... well ... they might eventually have some collector value.

  • Gadget

    It used to be too many, but I had a clear out and threw most of them away. The only ones I kept were one of each issue of the watchtower. I've got most of them stored on disk, but when doing any research or looking something up I use the computer to find it, but much prefer doing the reading from hard copy than the screen.



    Hi Ozzie and Mrs O.

    Well...............let me put it this way...............our recycling bin really broke when we finished up with the borg. Not just mags but also heaps of other publications.

    The wierd thing was that I would dread the Tuesday night meeting because hubby would go to the back counter and come toward me with a pile of mags, and I knew we'ld never place them. Being a tidy freak, all I could think of was where would I put more rubbish.

    Cheers and luv to ya both.


  • UpAndAtom

    Having never been a Dub (but family is), I find it amazing hearing these stories! What in the hell do you mean you bought magazine to place? Did you get refunds for the magazine you didn't place? I don't understand... How did they make you buy them, but then solicit for donations? How do they justify that odd discrepancy?

  • rocketman

    Oh, they'd pile up. Depends though to some extent on the subject matter - some cover articles were impossible to place, and some went more quickly.

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