Emotional Moment...

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  • babygirl30

    Thanks everyone that commented. I really appreciate you even reading this...

    I am such a proud woman and I HATE feeling down or vulnerable, but that day I did. I have worked so hard to build a good life...and have been even more successful and healthy since leaving the org. But for some reason I had a moment of weakness when looking through those pics...and there were SO many! Smh. I guess it ok to mourn who I was every once in awhile.

  • scotsman

    I came across this phrase and it reminded me of this thread:

    What once burned a hole in my heart doesn’t touch me any more. I have simply folded it into my family history.

    I rather liked it.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    " and so there is just pic after pic of assemblies, dinners, game nights, RBC projects, my family and the house I grew up in, people from the hall, etc. And I started crying..."

    Yep....who of us hasn't had a moment or two just like that oruselves?? Sometimes we look at the past with rose colored glasses and are tempted to go back to the familiar and recreate the past only to find out the hard way that the old saying "you can't go home" is really true.

    Fortunately you were wise enough to realize this and you quickly recovered.

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