What is your favorite food?

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  • barry

    Kangaroo tail soup and koala drumsticks for me

  • DanTheMan

    food food - pizza from Bexley (Ohio) Pizza Plus - absolutely the best. I also love KFC chicken.

    junk food - Oreos dunked in milk. The key is to keep them dunked until right when the bubbles stop - this seems to produce the most delightful milk/cookie ratio. I haven't enjoyed this treat in many many years due to my lactose intolerance, but the childhood memories remain. I would go through the whole package of Oreos and about a half gallon of milk before I knew what had happened.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Chocolate Cake. It's Chocolate Cake. There is nothing in my mouth that feels, tastes and swallows like Chocolate Cake. Shoshana

  • micheal

    Anything Italian

  • oldcrowwoman
  • eisenstein

    Everything more than 10 points on WW diet.

    which i shouldn't have...

    good (and there is bad) mexican food!!!

  • Panda

    Yummy Question. Greek food is one of my favorites. Pastitsio or Moussaka. Lamb is really good, especially the way my parents cooked it.Salad with feta cheese. Baklava and strong coffee. Yummy!!!

    But I also LOVE real Chinese food. The stuff I ate in China has no equivalent in the US. You have never tasted such wonderful food. Except the beef, don't eat the beef anywhere but in the US, it just doesn't compare.

  • Ravyn

    love oriental food--chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, thai, philipino

    mediterranean food--greek, italian--seafood especially, indian

    mmmmm mmmm love a greek salad with feta and warm bread for dipping in olive oil, and calamari

    mexican food, cuban food, puerto rican food...

    regional US I like cajun, some southern, pennsylvania dutch, new england seafood, california hamburgers, new jersey raw fruits and veggies....


    my two most favorite meals are: bangers and mashies, and a rare grilled steak with fresh salsa and hot buttered tortillas. Italian ices!


  • sunshineToo

    I like and like to try all different kinds of food. I like to cook and so far I'm into Italian food. But sometimes I have a craving for something else.

  • StinkyPantz

    I am SO lame. My favorite food, or rather meal, would be a big juicy cheeseburger and some crispy fries. . . and don't laugh, a DIET Pepsi.

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