What is your favorite food?

by Joker10 47 Replies latest jw friends

  • OrbitingTheSun

    I love rice too, Joker. I could eat rice everyday.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Of late, as bad as this sounds ....... tuna, I have cut out the burgers , steaks, chips, etc .. and really starting watching what I eat, I have dropped 35 pounds in the past two years and am in the best shape I've been in since my early 20's. Tuna is one of the few foods that has no fat and no carbs. Any other foods you know of that have no fat and no carbs ???

    We still go out once a week for a good meal, but I've really cut down on the garbage food, even changed to skim milk.

    I'm not a health nut, just some family members have died recently in their early 60's and none took very good care of themselves, really let themselves go, I have vowed this will not happen to me.

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Meat Pies of course!

  • AlanF

    Kung Pao cat.


  • Euphemism

    LOL @ Alan!

    DrWtsn...Thai food is the best!

    It's hard for me to pick anything... I am addicted to good food.

    A good filet mignon is definitely up there on my list, however. So is my mom's lasagna. Pizza is good for comfort food.

    I think my favorite food, however, has to be shrimp. Scampi, gambas al ajillo, tiger prawns, Camarones Rancheros... it's all good.

  • stillajwexelder

    Maine Lobster and Prime Rib

  • Aztec

    Alan, I wish you lived closer....so I could give ya a good slap upside the head...LOL! I heard cat is quite rubbery so I think I'll pass. :-)


  • AlanF

    Cat isn't rubbery at all. It's a lot like chicken.


  • JH

    My favorite food is Sprititual food.

    not really

  • Aztec

    "It's a lot like chicken"

    That's what they all say...


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