Spain 2016-10-03 BOE Re: Minors

by wifibandit 20 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • JWdaughter

    Don't they realize that they are giving evidence of the fact that they are hypocritical, sanctimonious, self righteous assh#les?

  • steve2

    What's this pompous nonsense about "ministers of religious confessions" - or is that a function of the translation into English?

  • scratchme1010

    God, I hate that organization! The way they start stating that the abuse is "perpetrated even by ministers of various religious confessions". The way they detach themselves from the filth they have going on in their congregations. AAAARRGGHH!

  • smiddy

    What is that scripture that says something like , if they ask you for an inch give them a mile or some such thing.?

    In other words , what the worldly authorities are asking of them is nothing more than trying to alleviate problems that could occur with organizations that dont comply , so why are they resisting ? instead of complying ?

    Should they not be bending over backwards to comply ? So as not to be seen as an organization with something to hide ?

    The fact is that not only Elders ,Ministerial servants ,have been guilty of abuses against children/minors in the Congregations/organization of Jehovahs Witnesses , in many parts/ countries of the World , but also members of the rank & file , both male and female offenders have been successfully prosecuted in many lands.

  • jwfacts
    Why not word it like this: "Being guided by the above recommendations willavoid unfounded accusations and will protect the reputation of our organization. our children."

    They want to protect the elders and protect the organisation. What they should be wanting to protect are the children, and Jehovah's name. A very revealing sentence.

  • stuckinarut2

    I second what JWdaughter said above!

    The more the society acts this way, the more arrogant and guilty they appear!

    They should be bending over backwards to be helpful and compliant with all countries laws!

  • ToesUp
    • "They want to protect the elders and protect the organisation. What they should be wanting to protect are the children, and Jehovah's name. A very revealing sentence."

      This was my exact 1st thought when I read this letter. It is all about WT. VERY revealing!


    Perhaps the WTBTS dogma of all baptized members, including non-anointed, being "Ministers" is a potential problem when it comes to compliance? If all 8 million Dubs are ministers, then "habitual" contact with children exists.

    Perhaps the WTBTS are afraid that they won't have anyone left to "take the lead" in the collection of dedicated funds for Jeehoober's Real Estate biz? Perhaps the Pedo list is worse than we can imagine?


  • StephaneLaliberte

    They know many brothers in charge are actually in that database. Imagine, ministerial servants, pioneers, elders, etc. They have to be afraid of the mess it will cause when so many would have to step down.

    The 1,006 pedophiles reported in Australia were just the ones that were mishandled by the JWs. I bet there are even more pedophiles that were never even reported to the JWs but that the police still knows about!

  • sp74bb

    A disgusting piece of new instructions... Reading and interpreting the law as they wish.

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