Spain 2016-10-03 BOE Re: Minors

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  • wifibandit
  • jwfacts

    This is somewhat contradictory. The letter states that elders don't have habitual contact with children, so don't need to obtain certification, then goes on to admit that elders may have habitual contact with children, but they still won't get the certification. It seems to be trying to circumvent the new law, and is reminiscent of how they tried to avoid the Working With Children legislation in Australia. I would be interested in seeing what the body that maintains the Central Register in Spain thinks about this guidance.

  • skimthesurface

    Bullet point one re study with kids: what happens if the second person sitting in is also a paedo? Legal certification should not be a problem; it's like being pulled over by the Police - if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. They're just doing their job, protecting society (not THE SOCIETY)

  • menrov

    Funny (well. not funny actually) but the letter makes reference of abuse in other religious confessions but makes no reference at all to even one incident in their own organization. How creepy is that???

    Further, minors who are unbaptized publishers very often work with different adults, elders and ms alike.

    Lastly, why not simply comply? It seems they are afraid that in certain cases the certification will not be scary is that ??

    I do voluntary work in Ronald McDonald house and I was obliged to submit a declaration of good behavior (meaning there are no restrictions for me to work in this environment. The declaration is provided by the Min. of Justice). I fully understand and had no objections.

    I really hope that one day a government declares this organization illegal because they cannot prove there are no pedophiles in their midst and as such is a danger to society.


    What a bunch of bull-shit. This letter does nothing to address the Pedo issue.

    Where is the protection for non-JW children?

    Why not comply?


  • Chook

    Skim the surface... I know it is absolutely wise to NEVER talk to police except saying your name and address. The more laws a community make the more criminals you will have. Police are only interested in enforcing ANY laws that have been broken. In my country laws are at all levels of government local state federal. For example your dog has to be registered,cat has to be registered, above 18 yo need fishing license to fish, need license to own gun, need permit to construct any building above 10 square metres. Off-road bikes need registration if ridden in state forest, an extra permit needed to drive vehicles on beach, in the state of Nsw Australia if riding a push bike with no helmet it's $319 fine. The Borg is going same way as community more laws they love laws.

  • Mephis

    One of their issues in Britain has been over criminal record checks on elders etc. Guess it would get all kinds of conflicting when the holy spirit appoints a pedophile or fraudster as an elder.

  • wifibandit

    I just received confirmation that this will be passed to the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "Being guided by the above recommendations will avoid unfounded accusations and will protect the reputation of our organization"

    Really???, so the assumption is that sexual abuse accusations within the organization are unfounded.

    Why not word it like this: "Being guided by the above recommendations will avoid unfounded accusations and will protect the reputation of our organization. our children."

  • Mozzie

    Why are they continually trying to find ways around the RC recommendations. This is crap

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