Ray Franz

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  • pbrow

    I know Ray and his wife have passed but i wanted to take a few minutes and put my thanks in writing. It is pretty incredible to me that someone who i never met, played such a major role in my outlook on life and more importantly in my (at the time) young daughters lives.

    From the very first pages of "Crisis of Conscience" it seemed as though Ray was writing to me. From previous experiences I have read, I know that I am not the only one who was literally shaking, thinking the elders were going to bust down my door while reading Ray's book. Almost right away this line jumped out at me... "If some of what is presented is painful to read, it was painful to write" I did not rise to hold every position in the JW religion, but I was a true believer. I wanted to do the right thing and be a good dub for my mother. But when I hit 30 and had two young girls, I needed to make sure I was telling them the right things for the right reasons and began reading everything.

    "Crisis" opened my eyes like so many others. It was the final brick out of the wall for me. My daughters are now ten years older, have a completely different outlook on life than I did when I was finishing high school. My goal after finishing Ray's books was making sure that my girls would not need to read "Crisis" That they would not need to log into jw.net or jwfacts and figure out a "post-jw" world. I can honestly say that I have succeeded and while they still have family and friends in the church they are most definitely not jehovahs witnesses. They see it for what it is and for what its not.

    Thanks Ray,

    Peter Brower

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yes. I felt the same way when I was just starting to read CoC. Like Ray Franz was writing to me personally.

    This book was confirmation. Confirmation to the ''flood of doubts'' about the Borg which I had for the longest time. With the release of CoC in spring of last year, I eagerly anticipate the sequel to being released again. In Search of Christian Freedom. Deb Dykstra has signed-on the copyright for Ray's books.


    p.s. should the link I've included not work the first time, just back out and try it again. Hope this helps.

  • Gorbatchov


    Read the book and my belief in jw.org was gone.


  • BereanThinker7

    I am super grateful he wrote his books as well, I missed being able to meet him with my awaking by just a couple years. Sometimes I wonder what wouldve happened of he stayed inside and tried to moderate things, because it seems to me the GB definitly took a hard line bent after he left.

  • Finkelstein

    Ray wanted to expose the truth about the WTS. Corporation but still wanted to remain a Christian and perhaps hold respect for Christianity .

    He saw the lies and the sinning corruption of this organization and wanted to tell people about it, good for him.

  • blondie

    When I read Crisis of Conscience, I had recently acted on my misgivings about the WTS and left. Then I mastered the wonders of the internet and looked up Ray and Cynthia's address and phone number. I called and introduced myself a complete stranger, and he and Cynthia invited me and my husband to drop by on our way south. It was like finding your long lost grandparents. It was like we had always known each other. We stopped by once or twice a year and kept in touch with e-mails and phone calls.

    Meeting someone in person and sharing takes it up a notch in coming to know someone. I miss them just as if they had been my grandparents. Ray did not get a lofty opinion of himself. He was glad that some had been helped by his words. I don't know if he went to heaven, Cynthia adamantly said she was not going to heaven. They did not believe in a place of eternal torment either. I just hope where they are they are happy together.

    They were a lovely, caring couple. I miss them.


  • lastmanstanding


    You felt like you had the elders looking over your shoulder. Everyone felt that.

    In my case, I and another bro went to the library to find it. We found it.

    And an elder found us.

    Yep, he was right there in the library in the same section. We walked around the corner, book in hand, and there he was. YIPE...!

    We freaked.

    Long story.

    If you liked reading his book, then you would have really liked reading his letters, had you the opportunity to write to him.

    And speaking with him on the phone at length was one of my best life’s experiences.

    My only regret, I had a short window in which to fly down to see him and Cynthia. I didn’t seize it.

    He was a terrific guy.

    Anyway, good luck.

  • joe134cd

    There would be many people who could echo the same words. God bless you Ray

  • mrquik

    Thanks Ray. You were my first step out.

  • Vidiot
    pbrow - "...It was the final brick out of the wall..."

    Always good to be reminded that reading XJW material doesn't turn one into an "apostate"...

    ...it just helps you realize that you already are one.

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