Dealing With Smelly People

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  • minimus

    I can never understand why some people simply stink.They don’t smell themselves??

    I knew of certain JWs that had to be counseled many times because they refused to regularly bathe, wash their hair or use deodorant.

    And it’s not just Witnesses. 🙄

    Thanks for letting me vent.💩

  • Finkelstein

    Personal hygiene training and awareness gets mentally established in are childhood .

  • minimus

    I agree but smelling is smelling. You have to know when you’re ripe.

  • LV101

    hahahahaha -- it's sad. A bar of soap/deodorant goes a long way and is inexpensive. Hygiene before one steps outside is usually habit performed before layering body garments/clothes on. One time at a 2 day Assembly (local whatever) we were stuck sitting in the back of auditorium and the perfume and stench (not a good mix) was so abominable it was nauseating. We went to lobby until ushers found other seats -- I've never been around anything that bad. Yes - at the halls, also - but not as bad as the one event.

    WT cult should teach hygiene 101.

  • minimus

    What’s worse if these people are in service people oriented business.

  • Biahi

    I agree, there is no excuse when we have hot and cold running water, and soap!

  • minimus

    We had a Pioneer MS who would get into people’s cars for field service or meetings. He smelled so bad that he was threatened with removal from his positions. He bought all new clothes, cleaned up and all was well for a little over a week. He’s still a smelly sanctimonious guy who doesn’t understand why he hasn’t been appointed an elder yet.

  • minimus

    I saw him at my brother’s funeral last year and he’s still the same after more than 49 years

  • LongHairGal


    Yeah, personal hygiene is very important and over the years I have encountered smelly people.

    They come in a few categories:.. people from cultures where indoor plumbing was scarce and not in the habit of daily shower/bath - and they forget they are NOW in a place where there’s soap and water; people who are products of broken families/drug culture - and certain senior citizens way over 80 who perhaps grew up in depression era where there wasn’t easy access to a bath tub. Also, people need to put clean underwear on daily!

    Whatever the case: hygiene needs to be taught all over again. We are going backwards in a lot of ways. I might also add that things like bedbugs are back - meanwhile these things were eradicated back when I was growing up. This is also an unfortunate by product of people immigrating in large numbers who are not assimilating!

    As far as the smelly guy you mentioned: somebody like that I have no tolerance for and he deserves to be alone - unless he’s with a woman just as smelly as he is.

  • minimus

    No woman. He’s 70 and never dated anyone and lived with his mom til she died last year at 100

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