RUSSIA: (5 April 2017) Jehovah's Witnesses hearing under way

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    steel: It sure must be odd to see seven American men come over to Russia and claim to be gods spokesperson on Earth. I think that alone might just piss off the Russians officials.
    Could you imagine seven Russians coming to the states claiming such total nonsense. Why can only Americans make such shit up.

    It isn't just odd. It is ridiculous. To think that the 7 lucky dwarfs of the WT Kingdom, can have free and easy access to a country whose religious history is centuries long, is myopic and emerges from a pretty new and shiny capitalistic "democracy". Backed by the United Nations.

    Christianity was established in 988 in Russia (Orthodox - because Vladimir fell in love with the beauty of the Greeks) and was eventually spread throughout rural areas by illiterate monks who had at best, memorized a fragment or two of text. Some of those strange little pockets of Christianity survived the Muslim rule in the 13th-15th century. And became the backdrop for apocalyptic cults in the Russian territories.

    Strange little bit of trivia - on the eve of the Tsar's abdication in 1917, an apocalyptic cult committed suicide on the outskirts of Moscow. Just over 60 members committed suicide. They were convinced the world was ending.

    And then the religious freeze. Throughout the Soviet era. Godless times.

    The WTS is a recent emergence on a scene that has such a long and varied religious history. And a long memory. Culture imprints deep memories when it is a old and significant as it has been in Russia.

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  • TheWonderofYou

    I plead for a period of a dozen years in which the managment of the J.W. finances in Russia would be taken from the hands of the money-mad leaders and given to a Russian public trustee, a trustee that keeps the accounts of the religion.

    In this time the Russian ministry of religion and culture would observe the developments and adaption of JW procedures about e.g.

    1) pedophile files treatment, procedure to be changed.

    2) judicial hearing process. to be changed and treatment of ex-JW which harms people physical and spiritual health and destroys families. to be changed

    3) free informed decision to take blood or not without pressure of the JW Hospital Liason committee. No HLC in hospitals, to be changed.

    4) usage of a part of the witness money for relief activities and victims of JW-shunning and repression in Russia.

    NO persecution, No criminalization!! Only if no cooperation is achieveable!

    After a dozen of years the ministry of culture could finally proudly accept then the religion as "JW of Russia".

    And all JW in the world would lately benefit from such a "Russian Action for Immediate Change in JW legal procedures in regards to protecting publicity and members from any harm or exploitation from extreme procedures". Note I say extreme procedures but not extreme people, they are are lost sisters and brothers!!

    Its because I have always a spark of hope and want the best for anybody. So I am. Give them the chance to change. A religious change from inside is the only thing that has sense.

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    • Court adjourned until tomorrow, April 6.

      Any updates on today's proceedings?

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    Now I see your 'Day 2' thread. Thanks!

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    12:00The weather in Moscow is warm and sunny. Near the entrance to the court a large number of people were formed. Television journalists work. Among those present, there is a calm, friendly atmosphere. Noticeable increased security measures. Directly at the entrance there is a bus with police officers. At the entrance is a thorough search. Inside the building, no liquids are allowed to pass through. Employees of the Supreme Court, organizing hearings, carry out their work professionally and in harmony. Despite the large number of listeners, there are no failures.
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    From todays i newspaper - it's in the print version of what was the Independant newspaper which is now only online.

    The i - Thursday 6 April 2017 - page 25, top

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