Ridiculous ways you kept your "time going" in service?

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  • LisaRose

    I heard of a pioneer who lived in a high rise. Every morning he would fling some magazines out the window and start counting his time while he finished getting ready for the day.

  • freddo

    When I was "in" mentally and didn't want to mis-report my time I didn't think I went to extremes in rounding up my time. But I did really. On the rare occasion (once every couple of years) I auxiliary pioneered (60 hours then) the following is a typical Saturday.

    Typical Saturday stuff when Aux. pioneering as a MS "reaching out" to be an elder. Barf!

    7 am Early morning start with some zealot uber pioneer in a windswept car park a mile or two from the city centre. Walk down road to city centre handing out tracts to early opening businesses like bakers, petrol stations and corner stores. Hand leaflets to bleary eyed people on the bus stops.

    8 am Breakfast at some café with a leaflet on show for about 30/45 minutes then retrace steps back to car.

    9.30 drive to field service group at 9.50. Leave group having been assigned oversight of a car-group at about 10.30 after chatting, waiting for oldies to use the bathroom etc. "Take the lead" by taking a group of oldies or Sister Loadsakids and "looking after them" - setting them up in pairs, working with one of them, driving about making sure everybody "had enough territory". Take them all home, dropping off last one at about 12 noon.

    12.00 Lunch til 12.45 and drive to a return visit who often wasn't home at 1pm.

    Go home for about 1.15.

    So 7 am to 1.15pm is 6 hours 15 minutes.

    But I can't count all that time can I?

    Let's think? 15 minutes for the group so that reduces it to 6 hours. But what about all that driving, and those meals? If I take those off then I'm down to about 3 or 4 hours and I'll never "get my time in" (the really important thing of course).

    Well Breakfast was just a break, wasn't it? Not a "meal" like it said wasn't to be counted in the OM book; and so was lunch really. And my tracts were on show - Jehovah doesn't stand there with a stop watch does he? And all that time "helping" the older ones get on the ministry? If I hadn't done that then they'd lose their joy (and I wouldn't get noticed as a helpful young MS would I?)

    Gotta "be balanced" (remember that?) so 6 hours it is!

  • eewx2

    Dearie me, I see none of you ever went out in service with my mom. She was reluctant to take a break even for the bathroom. Seriously she would take time off for that. I hated service because of her. When I moved to a different congregation, they were much more lax with their time. But I felt guilty and still took off time for everything else they did in service. What a weirdo I was LOL.

  • HereIgo

    Lol I also was a weirdo. I did too many weird things as a jw to name off lol but now im much more "normal" 😂

  • scratchme1010

    As a kid I was interested in riding my bike, and since I was in rural Puerto Rico, I'd tell my parents that I was going to preach to passers by. I never did. All I did was ride my bike wearing a tie and carrying a suitcase.

  • HereIgo

    Scratch me, so you were pretty much a Mormon? Lol

  • Chook

    How about when JW brought new ones to meetings, the time card kept rolling.

  • HereIgo

    @chook wow

  • ozbrad

    I'm sure the William sisters count theirs hitting balls. If I was alone going door to door I would just pretend to knock.

  • zeb

    there was a court case in the state of Victoria where the wt lawyers stated in court that no elder or ms requires any jw to log 'hours' as each individual is on their own personal mission.

    This brought the biggest "HUH!" from all the jw in the public gallery.

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