22 fascinating maps that show how Americans speak English differently across the US

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  • DwainBowman

    In my life I have lived in many parts of the US. I have so many bits and pieces in my vocabulary, as well as my speech. I worked in a high rise office building in Century City, in LA, for a while. There was one mystery floor, that required a key to get to, I had one of the keys. When you went to that floor, it opened into an 8 x8, room, with two sets of heave double doors. The only thing in the room was a small table, with a telephone on it. When you picked it up, it was always a British woman on the line. You had to tell her why you were there. If it was to see someone,she would tell you to wait a minute. After a short time the back set of doors opened and two British men came out. I was patted down, and checked for bugs. Then the other doors opened and whoever you needed to see came out. That would also be British.

    Everyone working in the building, was pretty sure they were MI6, operations personal.

    Now almost every day, there was this one woman, always well dressed, with long black hair. She always wore dark sun glasses, behind the building, taking a smoke break. Serval times I noticed her observing me, and listening as I talked. I asked several people about her, and no one seemed to know anything about her, or where she worked.

    Out of the blue when it was just the two of us outside, she spoke, with a heavy British accent. She ask if she could, ask me a few questions, I said yes. Her first one was, Where are you from? I told her about my life's background. Then a few more questions. I then ask if I could ask her a question. She said yes. I ask why she singled me out, two ask where I was from. She said her job was to listen to audio tape's of people, and identify where they were from. And she had been listening to me speak for serval month's, and still didn't know just where I was from, because I had such a mix of words, slang, and sounds in my speech!

    That all reenforced my belief that they were British MI6!

  • RubaDub

    A sure giveaway when talking to someone and they end every sentence with "you know?" .... they are Canadian.

    And the "you know?" is pronounced more like a "you naw?"

    Rub a Dub

  • freddo

    Yup. That is a trolley. Just maybe a Shopping trolley.

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