Lots of weirdos among the jw's

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  • wannaexit

    I found this little jem this morning . It's a little dated but describes the self-proclaimed Jesus of Nazareth by the name of A.J Miller. He was raised in the jw religion and was also an elder and pioneer. I guess holy spirit didin't do it's homework when it chose a wacky guy like him.



  • darkspilver
  • pale.emperor

    i LOVE this guy!!

    I've seen him before when i was still in. His partner believes she's Mary Magdeline as well.

    I dont know whether he really believes his is or he's conning his followers but, my word, he's doing a sterling job - he's already got followers and i seen a vid where he debated a Mormon.

    Complete bullshit obviously but it just goes to show how deluded people can be.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Luke 17: 23 jumps up in my mind of course.

    People will tell you "There he is" or "Here he is".

    What reads like a senseless and banal comment in the gospel - did jesus himself really say these words? - is so easily really possible.

    The mind of people is very plastic and ductile. They call the cult "in the truth" but end up in sexual, emotional and financial exploitation.

  • Vidiot

    "Lots of weirdos among the JWs..."

    In other news, water is wet. :smirk:

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    There are true Holy weirdness, like dancing with snakes weird, but to truly follow and

    obey Jesus, you will strike the world as being weird,odd, possibly even a bit unstable.

    What "normal" person seeks to fight against sexual lust? What "normal" person stakes

    all their hope on living here on earth and playing with meat eating animals and millions

    of people will die so they can have their paradise.

    JW's are not Holy weirdness like dancing with wolves weird , they are in the oddness category.

    Many here have left the organization and when we look back, we were weird as hell to our worldly friends

    and our non-JW family members, good people but strange.LOL

  • millie210

    I think this guy was told "you look just like Jesus" one to many times....

    (not that Jesus would have even looked like the non Jewish guy popularized in the mainstream art work)

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  • Heaven

    Millie, you made me LOL!

    I often wondered why my parents never really got 'chummy' with too many Witnesses. Seems my thoughts about a lot of them being wack-a-doodle is spot on.

  • steve2

    You don't have to be weird to be a JW or an ex-JW but it helps. 🤔

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