Lots of weirdos among the jw's

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  • yodastar

    It does help steve2!! wowsers, funny thing is I wonder how he would describe his first appearance? ( he may have but could not watch all of the tripe ) but he was a short of stature, dark skinned bloke the first time around - backed up by many opinions/articles. I told my sis who is still 'in' that in fact he never did look like the white dude with flowing locks and beard as the racist borg paints him, she said ' how ridiculous' haha no in fact he's this Aussie dude now! .... yet sheeple will still follow

  • scratchme1010

    As soon as I saw his glazed happy face I knew he's a weirdo.

  • pale.emperor


    1. Elder in another congregation keeping a spare white shirt in the back room on a hangar in case (horror of horrors) the visiting speaker turned up wearing a non white shirt.

    2. An elder getting offended because, during the post circuit assembly cleanup, a sister on the cleaning team asked if he would mind vacuuming the carpet. (A woman telling man... an ELDER what to do?!!) He went ape shit on her.

    3. My ex-wife's baptism card, some elderly African brother had written "congratulations! But know this, Satan is coming for you! Keep on the watch."

    4. A 70+ year old sister regularly wearing clothes a 17yo girl would wear to the Kingdom Hall.

    5. On the ministry (or service as you Americans call it) and old sister would knock on the windows with her walking stick and shout "i know you're there!" if they didn't answer.

    6. An elder pretending to fall over the microphone wire before the meeting started, just so he could make an announcement about health and safety during the meeting.

    7. A brother who boasted that he had 180 return visits... that have been return visits since 1972. They're obviously just being polite and taking and binning the magazines.

    8. Fixing an elders PC. His email inbox was full of "Latina Lovers" and "Bangbros" sign up confirmation emails. I never mentioned it.

    9. A 60yo sister asking my wife if she'd mind if she could breastfeed our newborn baby.

    10. A woman reading in an Awake! magazine that caffeine can be addictive. She dropped to her knees and yelled "forgive me Jehovah!" - it turns out this woman likes coffee and now believes it's a sin like tobacco.

  • JustVisting


    #8 is funny but not uncommon among JW elders; #9 is just wierd!

  • pale.emperor

    #9 is just wierd!

    I know. She makes no secret that she's still sexually active with her husband. I guess he's been having a go on them, keeping the milk "on tap".

  • WingCommander

    #9 is more than sick, it's borderline CRIMINAL. That is completely inappropriate, and you just know she wants her nipples aroused by the suckling. That is disgusting! What rock do these pervs crawl out from under??

  • Vidiot

    scratchme1010 - "As soon as I saw his glazed happy face I knew he's a weirdo."

    Sure it wasn't just heavy meds?

    'Cause that happens at the KH a lot, too... :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    WingCommander - "What rock do these pervs crawl out from under?"

    Saint The Apostle Peter, obviously... :smirk:

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