The JW governing body are all overweight, creepy looking little men

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  • Spiral

    Yes, yes, yes. The first time I saw bOrg TV I was just appalled..... ok, I had been out for quite a while, but the whole effect is fundie-creepy!!! It made me see the bOrg in a whole new, ugly, sticky, creepy light.

    If I hadn't faded/left already, that would have pushed me out the door.

  • fukitol

    This thread is a bit silly, really.

    Show me a single Board of Directors of any huge American corporation that isnt primarily composed of overweight, older, Caucasian males.

  • jambon1

    Fukitol - I think the point is about how the GB are viewed. Boards of directors of companies are generally looked down upon and despised.

    The governing body is supposed to be looked up to and adored.

    I believe now that the veil has fallen that people can see them now as the bland and strange little men that they are.

    Previously, you'd be lucky to see them on a page in the yearbook.

  • Diogenesister
    Cold steel What would you think of an aging apostle Peter, for example? A fisherman? Or the apostle Paul, a zealous Jew turned Christian? We probably would be disillusioned a bit, no?

    You make a very good point, of course, cold steel. The apostle Peter was of course a fisherman, a pretty Labour intensive job I would think, with a great diet so I am guessing he'd at least be a very slimline, probably muscular or wiry guy! As for Paul, although he's always portrayed as bald and aging yet again I'd imagine he'd be incredibly toned with all his travells and obviously his intellect and drive would be pretty attractive qualities.

    I can't imagine either being too concerned with appearance ( no perfectly ironed toga's and pinky rings) which I personally find very attractive in a man.

    My husband told me there is one supposed description of Jesus that (contrary to Watchtower's George Clooney looking Jesus types) has him as a four foot something hunchback....I will ask him where this description is found, unless you guys know?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It creeps me out when David Splane or some one of them says "The governing body loves you all very much" ... yech!

  • TD

    What would you think of an aging apostle Peter, for example?

    You mean the man who just happened to being carrying the signature weapon of the Sicarii? Docks are rough places even today and I don't think Watchtoweresque illustrations of Peter, Andrew, James & John do them justice. This is the man, who according to church tradition, was crucified upside-down.

    He was probably short by our standards, but my mental image is very different than Christian preachers today, who Heinlein described as " boys too lazy to be farmers."

  • punkofnice

    ah, the Jobos lap it up. they have been under intense mind control to accept these con men.

  • Vidiot
    Cold Steel - "I've seen them speak and they act as if it's from Jehovah's mouth to their ears."

    As I've said many times, it's an easy habit to fall into when you surround yourself solely with people who are never allowed to disagree with you.

  • Vidiot
    Spiral - "The first time I saw bOrg TV I was just appalled... If I hadn't faded/left already, that would have pushed me out the door."


    I still think JWTV was the best thing to ever happen to us. :smirk:

  • Spiral

    Vidiot - Yes, I just can't figure out how anyone watches it..... really! So painful. Anyone who has observed how religion has controlled the disadvantaged and desperate (which, supposedly, the JWs have) should look at that and cringe. I agree, bOrg TV really exposes what they are.

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