How Do I Get Rid of This?

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    I used to have a nervous twitch in my right eye. It must have been stress for me cause it went away when we started doing Yoga and hasn't returned.

    Maybe you and Cruzan need a vacation.


  • Celia
    you may need a neck adjustment too---try a chiropracter

    Don't do that ! dangerous and useless practice... Do you know that some people who had that done were left paralyzed for the rest of their life ?

    I saw it on PBS...

  • minimus

    go see a doctor.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Big Tex, those here that suggested calcium are right on the money, cher! Any muscle twitch/spasm can be alleviated by calcium, which is more easily absorbed into your system when taken with a calcium/magnesium combo, which you can purchase rather inexpensively at HEB here in Texas, is a pretty quick solution....

    Frannie B

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider
    Don't do that ! dangerous and useless practice... Do you know that some people who had that done were left paralyzed for the rest of their life ?

    A qualified chiropracter kept Thunder from having back surgery! He would never have been able to ride his motorcyle or even continue to do his profession. Also the surgeon we saw was all for his going to a chiropracter on the side, he knew his limitations and said if it helps great.

    Just as there are quack doctors there are quack chiropractors etc.

    I would never discount something that you don't really know about We have both benfefited from surgery. Usless practice no going to a medical doctor when your back is out of alignement and taking muscle relaxers is a USELESS practice.

    BIG Tex you have Nina give me a call I can tell her how to stop that ole' twitch

  • seven006

    Big Tex,

    Do as the bible says. If one of your eyes is stumbling you, poke it out. If it's an eyelid, tare it out.

    The bible has all the answers. Quit your bitch'n and just be happy you don't have jock itch.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    Yeah, it sounds like your body and mine are in the same shape. If I find anything that works, I'll let you know.


    If it would work, I'm desperate enough to try it.


    I've seen a chiropractor. He's really good, and it helped my neck, but still the eye twitches. I'm thinking of an acupuncterist. I take a multi-vitamin which includes B6, and I'm afraid to take more.


    Well we went to San Antonio for a few days, but maybe I need a couple of weeks in Hawaii. Now I just need to figure out how to pay for it.


    I got in an argument over on Lamb's Roar with someone over a chiropractor who said they could cure epilepsy and Downs. I think anyone who says things like that is dangerous. But I've had good experiences with adjustments on my neck and back.



    I'm hearing this more and more, so I'm willing to try it out. How long does it take to start working?


    Nina can make my eyes roll back in my head without using her hands. Hhhhmmm, maybe that's what started this whole eye twitching thing off.


    Sort of an, "Out damned spot! Out!" philosphy, eh? Well as many times as I've pinched it, I've damn near torn out the eyelid. Besides bitching is the one thing I'm good at. Don't take away my one real talent.

  • SheilaM

    WHOOOO HOOOO Big T I suspected that was itI'm glad that you knew that was me I again posted under Thunder <sigh>

    Really my right eyes twitches if I get too nervous but as Thunder says since the yoga it went away and it was my top lid

  • Francois

    You don't need to buy none of that expensive coral stuff. You're just helping the guy down at the herb store make payments on his Porsche.

    Just drink lots of milk.

    Mommie Francois

  • Simon

    Big Tex ... I've had that occassionally - I think it was caused by looking at excessive internet porn

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