Damaging Children With the Christian Gospel

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  • Dagney

    The OP reminds me of my first study. After she was baptized she was afraid to let her mom watch her baby because her mom told her she was going to take her to the Catholic church to be baptized because she didn't want the BABY to go to HELL.

    Well, I was probably 20 yo myself, didn't really know anything about anything other than JW. I thought that was was preposterous! Who would think of such a thing.

    Of course it took me years to realize how similar the JW beliefs were, and they had their own type of fear and infant baptisms. And realize her mother was just trying to protect her family from what she believed was true.

    GD religion.

  • cofty
    What in the hell radio channel was that on??? If it was mainstream they must be looking to provoke controversy, because noone is listening to their bullcrap anymore. - Diog

    It was broadcast on Family Life Today which is listened to by 9.5 million listeners in over 1,100 outlets in 45 of the top 50 U.S. media markets...

    There is no controversy among its avid listeners, they love this stuff. This dangerous bullshit is mainstream American Evangelical doctrine.

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