What are the chances of getting another Raymond Franz default from head office ?

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  • Chook

    All regimes get defectors and some are more vocal than others.

  • Faded

    They do. Johnny the Bethalite.

  • OnTheWayOut

    There is the slightest chance. Here's what I hope for-

    A publisher or someone connected in Hollywood to stuff like the latest Scientology-revealing documentaries comes along and offers one of the Governing Body members a decent amount of coin to reveal "the truth about The Truth." The particular person he approaches has been feeling guilty for quite awhile about his doubts or has just left a meeting where he doesn't like the decisions and directions that are coming down the pipeline.

    Otherwise, there are no serious researchers among the latest batch- evidenced by what nonsense they are putting onto video. As whacked as Fred Franz was, the man knew quite a bit about what was in the Bible and how to be creative with it. Raymond was a serious researcher/writer. His books would probably still have more impact than anything the likes of Tony Morris or Samuel Herd or the others would write.

  • steve2

    I think Ray Franz's departure caused such a high level of internal disquiet and disruption that the organization has most likely legally sealed the cracks that led to his departure. JW organization has undoubtedly been shaped into a more homogenous, tightly sealed entity so that any threat of departure from higher up could be efficiently circumvented.

    For example, some organizations have very tight legal requirements and expectations of those who wish to go on boards of trustees where they must sign highly detailed binding confidentialityclauses and contracts so that they would be legally prevented from ever going public about the inner workings upon pain of crippling lawsuits. Sometimes these contracts "scare off" the media who fear legal repurcussions if they were to report anything sensitive about "defections" or "retirements". While Ray receive $US10,000 from the roganization to assist relocation, it was not hush money.

    It is conceivable that to now be a member of the Governing Body requires signing strict confidentiality contracts or clauses - similar to the confidentiality contracts that staff in royal households must sign in order to gain employment.

  • possum

    My 3rd gen family goes back to the 1930s and my impression as an outsider now is one of less idealism and more professionalism. I had relatives in Bethel and if you can ensconce yourself in middle/upper management you can lead a very comfortable, sheltered life. Free of the mundane anxieties of other mere mortals.

  • freddo

    Maybe one of the "helpers" but no one on the GB. Look at 'em - overfed and/or physically soft. Mentally soft in Lett's case.

    They're all TV stars (remember that?) now.

  • jp1692

    Recall that Ray's book was titled: Crisis of Conscience. There's a reason for that.

    Who on the current GB is likely to even have a conscience?

    Certainly not Morris or Herd. Lett is a mindless idiot. Lösch is spineless from all evidence. Not much left to work with.

  • sir82

    In addition to all the points above, none of the current GB is intelligent. None have the ability to reason on anything outside of the WT box.

    You can discern the level of intelligence of Ray Franz by reading his words.

    After watching the governing bumbles on JW Broadcasting, are you impressed with their intelligence?

    'Nuff said.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I generally agree with what most here have already said.

    Also, it is extremely hard to believe any member of the current Governing Body is of the same calibre of Raymond Franz. In fact, the term "Flim Flam Artist" comes very much to mind!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I feel bad for whoever the ghost writer is to collaborate with the current GB for their tell-all, considering this is all that goes on in their brains:

    The Complexity of a GB Member's Brain:

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