What are the chances of getting another Raymond Franz default from head office ?

by Chook 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • LV101

    Ray Franz was an anomaly. Common sense they're not going to walk away and go back to living in lack but a huge incentive payout as OTWO mentions allowing them to continue in the style of living they've become accustomed to might lure someone. They'd be independently comfortable and maybe have a clear conscience but to give up their power over the minions seems highly unlikely -- power is an aphrodisiac and more sought after than money.

  • slimboyfat

    Probably quite slim chances.

    One of the most striking things about CofC is just how reluctant Raymond Franz was to leave the GB and the organisation. Despite all his doubts and differences with JW teaching and policy, he actually wanted to stay.

    Sometimes I think Franz is misunderstood as having decided to leave JWs of his own accord over a "crisis of conscience" but that's not what his book actually says. He tried very hard to evade expulsion, but he apparently had some powerful enemies on the GB, and in the febrile post-1975 atmosphere they were determined to get rid of him.

    It's an unusual set of circumstances that's probably unlikely to be repeated. If there are GB members with doubts or differences they are likely to stay where they are unless very strong (probably personal) motivations compel them otherwise.

  • LV101

    SBF -- Yes, you're right about RF hanging in there. I couldn't understand why he continued to deal with the abuse of the GB unless he just refused to let them run him off.

  • Chook

    Ray Franz could have certainly crucified the WT by doing bigger press time in the beginning when all the press wanted one of the Brooklyn papal class. SBF your observations are correct.

  • steve2

    Chook perhaps not. This was not a defection from a big powerful religious group but a pretty small one. The shelf-life of interest in more general media over religious schisms is incredibly small. To us the news was huge, to non religious people, of no interest whatsoever. It needed call girls or boys, trips to Las Vegas, human sacrifices and Saturday night highs.

  • xjwsrock

    Considering that you could only be one of two things and be on the governing body - deluded or a crook - what are the chances that one would change course?

    Regardless of the category, they are all paid off. They are bought. You would have to make 500,000 dollars a year to replace their lifestyle. Let's face it, few persons have that kind of selfless conviction.

  • Vidiot

    What steve2 said last page.

    Slim to none.

  • freemindfade

    I don't know, but I was just telling the wife last night that if the Ray Franz debacle had happened today, the effects could have been much different. Just with the speed and availability of information. I was not an adult back then, so I don't remember the word of it spreading, but I am sure it did. But can you imagine this day and age? If a GB member stepped out now, I feel it could have a MUCH bigger effect through the R&F

  • jookbeard

    dont see it myself, far too much to lose, dont even see it with the "higher ups" in the other sub committees either,they've seen with their own eyes the turmoil of other bethleites booted out with nothing and having to make their way in the world.

  • Sanchy

    I'm (foolishly) keeping my fingers crossed for Mark Sanderson. He's the new one and like R Franz, perhaps there's a chance of his disappointment from what he experiences vs what he expected.

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