Trolley cart "witnessing" is getting ridiculous

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  • oppostate

    I really fail to see how much actual "witnessing" is occurring with the trolley carts.
    Publishers, usually pioneers, just stand or sit there not engaging anyone and count their time.

    The only thing I notice that it's accomplishing is brand exposure for JW.0rg so the public is exposed to the logo and literature/poster card headlines.

    Take for example this "evening" witnessing by a pioneer elder while on summer holiday/vacation.

    Is this not a WTH kinda moment when you consider the years of slaving, knocking on doors, business territory and Bible studies we had to keep performing so we weren't branded a "weak" publisher?

  • DesirousOfChange

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    Wondrous Expansion is Now Taking Place !!


  • freddo

    What a complete and utter waste of time.

  • bohm
    Pioneering could be done by gluing the magazines to the cart, chain the cart to something heavy and go for the beach ;-).
  • oppostate
    freddo: What a complete and utter waste of time.

    Indeed, but it is accomplishing something in a way, did you notice the "in your face" presence of JW.0rg sinage? It's all about encouraging brand name recognition.

    If the Watchtower hadn't lost the case for copyrighting the logo, you betcha the situation with using it by publishers would be a lot different, just like the little Watchtower stylized little logo, where they even wrote BOE's counselling against using it on KH's signs.

    When a split-off group started calling themselves "Jehovah's Christian Witnesses". The Watchtower started encouraging publishers to introduce themselves this way in order to create confusion of name-brand. But their scheming didn't succeed and they weren't able to legally prevent the other group to use that name.

    With the WT everything is about business, branding and marketing, and of course love of money. Bunch of filthy-lucre loving hypocrites, that they are!

  • StarTrekAngel

    Another clever way to increase the number of preaching hours while walking away from the publishing business, which costs money and brings in nothing. Witness evolution from a publishing house to a real state corporation.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was visiting Yosemite National Park and right smack in front of the Main Visitors Center, two JW men with their carts just sitting on a bench talking to each other. They probably weren't even allowed to approach people, they certainly were not being approached by anyone. Total waste of "time" probably so that they can say they are pioneering.

  • blondie

    I remember a regular pioneer who went skiing often. His trick, yell out single at the chairlift and witnessed to the captive co-rider on the way up giving them a tract from his pocket..........always made his time and then some

  • freddo

    And think of all the people who don't approach the carts but do click on jwborg.

    First they see it's nothing special; then if they keep looking they see how strange they are; then they click on all the other google top page jw stuff.

    I tell you - jwborg is doing more to stagnate this corporation and stop people entering than anything you or I can do!

    The only ones that do study and "progress" have mental or other issues which are useless to the borg's plans.

  • Wayward

    Why didn't they have this when I was in? Perfect for someone who doesn't like cold calling at people's doors or having to talk to someone!

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