A question to Non-US forum members.

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  • kpop

    I am curious. All of the Trump haters, did you watch his speech last night? Do you still think he is literally Hitler?

    I thought it was his best speech ever. Even on CNN Mr Van Jones who is a communist was praising his speech and said if he keeps this up that he could win 8 years. I thought he was going to make a joke. Then he said, last night Trump officially became President of the USA. I fell out of my chair.

  • freemindfade

    And to contrast that, the cult of democrats made asses of themselves in my opinion. It was an embarrassing display, I don't care how poorly you think of Trump, it was smug and childish. I heard one person say something simple and profound.

    No wonder Democrats aren’t connecting with Americans. Their hatred for Trump is stronger than their love of country.

  • Simon

    Yes, they can't even clap when Trump says something that they fundamentally agree with. They'd rather sit their sucking on lemons and objecting to things for the sake of objecting. Pathetic and sad.

    Very "low energy" ;)

  • sir82

    It was an embarrassing display,

    I know! When Wilson yelled out "You LIE!!!" right at the POTUS.

    Wait - that was what you were talking about, right?

  • Spoletta

    kpop. Van Jones was commenting on the enthusiasm generated by the tribute to the fallen Navy Seal, which was truly moving. He was not praising the entire speech.

  • littlerockguy


    It's never an embarrassing display to call out that sonofabitch Obama out on his bullshit lies.


  • sir82

    It's never an embarrassing display to call out that sonofabitch Obama out on his bullshit lies.

    So when Republicans disrespect the POTUS, it's perfectly fine.

    When Democrats do it, it is "embarrassing, smug, and childish".

    Got it. It's all perfectly clear to me now.

  • Finkelstein

    Fink: and I bet you also predicted he would lose the election. So, when it comes to predicting the outcome of Trump's efforts, your track record wouldn't be what I would call stellar, would it?

    Yes your right I didn't think he would win, so did most people.

    Its not to say that some of his ideas are not without merit but wow some are way off the wall, like expecting Congress is going to pass a Bill approving a 1 Trillion dollar infrastructure improvement plan or a functionally redundant structured wall all along the US and Mexico border.

    Maybe Trump doesn't think devious Mexicans don't know what a ladder is or don't know how to build a tunnel ?

    You have to admit when someone who has never been involved in governmental service all throughout his adult career and suddenly puts himself in a high level position that also greatly influences the people who are set subservient to him, doesn't create a great amount of optimism.

    Trump holds to the concept that if a person has become successfully rich in the private sector, that therefore they should be proficiently effective in governmental civil service and he pretty much perceives himself along that same line of thought.

    He proclaimed he's a very smart guy and that he's also super wealthy, therefore the public should rest trust and confidence in his abilities.

    Well so far his track record isn't so good, will see what he accomplishes in a year or two.

  • freemindfade
    So when Republicans disrespect the POTUS, it's perfectly fine.

    I'm sorry did anyone say that? Ever??? NO ONE HAS SAID THAT! Typical weak strawman for anyone you guys deem not anti-trump enough lol

  • bohm


    And to those non-US citizens who are more than happy to moan about America: just don't go there. It's simple.

    That's interesting advice:

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