A question to Non-US forum members.

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  • Spoletta

    freemindfade and dubstepped. I love America. Doesn't mean I have to love everyone in it. I just don't subscribe to "my country, right or wrong". Too Watchtowery for my taste.

  • freemindfade

    Exceptionalism is not "my country, right or wrong". And there is nothing wrong with anyone feeling that way about any country. You are being very watchtowery in you sweeping OP, it sounds like American's are your new "Worldly" people.

    You can do what you want, but I think it would be in better taste to start an OP that actually has some thought behind and potential for discussion.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If you do live in America, feel free to pack your bags and eff off if you don't like it and see how you do somewhere else - quite right, couldn't have put it better myself.

    And to those non-US citizens who are more than happy to moan about America: just don't go there. It's simple.

    Do us all a favour and f**k off somewhere else - backpacking in Afghanistan or whatever ...

  • dubstepped

    Neither to I ascribe to that. You sure seem to have no problem describing the Caucasian experience as only one way. Is that not Watchtowery? Putting people in neatly defined boxes, or god for that matter, is exactly what they do. I'm pretty sure I recently saw you melt down because someone mentioned what one Muslim did as though they were defining all of them a certain way, and yet you have no problems doing the same with us whiteys, amirite?

  • Spoletta

    freemindfade, dubstepped, and luhe. I have to say that upon reflection you are right. I phrased my Topic in a rather sarcastic manner. For that, I was wrong. When I first began commenting on these political threads, I tried to present my viewpoint in a reasoned manner, pointing out my observations from my experience, and I hope, careful research.

    Where I went wrong was in becoming angry when my thoughts were met with deflection and insults. I shouldn't have replied in kind. I apologize for that.

    From now on, I will keep silent about my opinions, but will continue to point out when I see others using extremely biased sources to confirm their beliefs. I will expose hypocrisy, as is my right, for both sides.

  • Hoffnung

    I definitely prefer to stay in Europe. i do not feel much for getting on the gun death statistics.

  • blondie

    Of course you realize that the US consists of 50 state plus territories many that are bigger or as big as countries in Europe and the other Americas. It has a varied history some I am not proud of any more than I am proud of the Nazis in Germany, the French who shipped off their Jews, and Switzerland who declared a false neutrality as they did business with both sides. Everyone is an individual that does not necessarily reflect the picture in me media, yours and ours.

    I like living here, have lived in Germany, France and Switzerland with German/French/Swiss family, pros and cons and government problems as well. Trump is an extreme, I did not vote for him but against him. Many people here are just as surprised as what a turd he is. I am hoping that his fellow Republicans quit trying to make his turds into bonbons and realize they are at risk too. Trump only cares about himself, like a toddler.

  • freemindfade

    You can have your opinion, just be more honest. If you want to start an OP to bash America/Americans call it that.

  • Finkelstein

    I doubt Trump and his administration will be successful in improving the problems the US has, mostly based upon where is all this money going to come from China ?

    The US is already badly in debt and there are a lot of Americans well aware of that fact.

    Trump's idealistic promises he made last night sounded good but being of his own inexperience and the people he hired who are equally inexperienced in political governorship leaves one not the most optimistic.

  • Jehalapeno

    Fink: and I bet you also predicted he would lose the election. So, when it comes to predicting the outcome of Trump's efforts, your track record wouldn't be what I would call stellar, would it?

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