1975... the year that keeps on giving.

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  • Fisherman

    Given 1975 and that the date of Eve's creation is a variable: Adam was still a bachelor at age 42 -and counting.

  • Finkelstein

    So Fishermen you know the date or year Adam was created do you ?

  • Gorbatchov

    G. parents waited for an other child after 1975 and got my brother in 1977, with a chromosome defect. Recently I tried to comfort them "you have done your best" they replied "it seems it doesn't matter, because their will be no reward".

    This year, they seems depressed, because of their expetations not coming true.

    Hard to see.


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Thanks for relating your interesting Story.

    It reminds me of a family from our area ( a large City up north) who also went to a tiny town in the south because they wanted the husband to quit his well paying job so the family could start a janitorial service and serve out the rest of this system as "Need is Greaters". I wonder how many other families like yours out there are who's story wasn't something that would end up in the JW yearbook.

    This family (lovely people) struggled financially the whole time they were serving where the need was great and they lingered on in the small town, long after 1975 came and went because they were kind of stuck. They eventually ended up being able to move back to our area where the "need was greater" for middle aged Janitors. After that, they never could afford a decent vehicle and the one they were using had a faulty fuel gauge (among other things) and they never knew how much fuel they had.

    One day the wife ran out of fuel along a major highway. The husband came to her rescue with a full can of gas. As he stood along the side of the side of the road filling the tank, he was fatally struck by an oncoming car.

    It was interesting to hear the JW's spin things and almost made the whole incident seem like it was a fine witness for Jehovah.

  • zeb
  • zeb


    and others. Go to "stay alive til '75" on google.

    The apostles once asked Jesus when these things would occur. His reply?

    "No man knows not the son (himself) only the father in heaven knows."

  • waton
    Adam was still a bachelor at age 42 -and counting.

    Fisherman: since you like numbers, Another bachelor, Fred .Franz (who gave us 1975), would live another 17 years after 1975, to 1992. An anointed born in 1975 , overlapping Franz by 17 years, and living to his age, would die in 2074, leaving a year to finish the dirty work of Armageddon in 2075.

    Another bachelor, the king ruling since 1914, could then proceed with the wedding with his bride, the then complete "New Jerusalem".

  • Fisherman
    Another bachelor, the king ruling since 1914, could then proceeds with the wedding with his bride, the then complete "New Jerusalem".

    Very keen observation. Seems that it would serve ironic justice if the marriage of the lamb would coincide with the date of the marriage of Adam to Eve.

    Given the Bible, it would be ironic if everything converged: Gentile times, end 6000 years, 1914 ( sounds like Nisan 14), destruction of human government at the feet of iron and clay), etc. Oh.. the irony.

  • freddo

    You sound a touch jaded Fisherman. Chin up!

  • zeb

    further to 'staying alive till '75. At 5.26 the speaker states "The door is going to be shut by then."

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