1975... the year that keeps on giving.

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  • silentbuddha

    So I recently moved back to my really really really small hometown in the South. It was the place that my parents moved to from a major city up North in the early 1970's. When we lived here times were very tough financially and I was always told that the reason we did not attend meetings was due to the fact that we had no car / no gas for the car / could not afford repairs for the years we were there. In total they lived there for 12 I was born there and left when I was 8.

    I had one friend that I remembered, but here but he has since moved away. We were best friends and his mother and mine were very very very close for a while then they stopped associating. Well, I decided to look this 70-year-old woman up, and I actually found out she lived just a few miles away. So, I went by and believe it or not she instantly recognized me after 30 years.


    After talking about how nice the old town was she asked me about my mom. I told her that I wanted to let her know I no longer was a witness and my mother no longer spoke to me so I wasn't really sure. SHe proceeded to laugh and say, "I am surprised she still is! When did she go back?" I said as far as I know we always were. Then the floodgates opened. I discovered things about my family and the lies they told and still tell.

    My mother repeatedly told us that there were a few who believed '75 was the end but the brothers never said that etc... etc...

    Well this woman told me that my parents told her the reason the moved away from the city in 1973/4 was because they new the system was ending in 1975 and that they:

    A. wanted to serve were there was a greater need in the FINAL MONTHS of this system.

    B. Didn't want to be in a big city during the great tribulation because it would be unbearable with children

    My jaw hit the floor... I have been lied to for years. But the story just got worse. When my mother arrived she pioneered. Then as the months came and went and so did 1975 my parents were very angry and STOPPED ATTENDING. She even told this woman that she put off having more children because of this prophecy and once she realized it was not going to happen that they decided to have another child... which was me a few years later.


    They then became inactive and refused to go back. There was also a huge scam that took place with a rather prominent Elder who later became a C.O. and is now a D.O. which I may have to explain later as that story is one our family does still talk about.

    Anyway, when my parent's finances got too bad and had to return to their original location after having watched the borg fail in it's predictions, they were forced to go to meetings if they wanted to acquire work with a brother that they knew who would only assist them if they "returned to Jehovah"™.

    We shared a bunch of other tidbits and I learned a ton about my parents earlier years that they have totally lied about to all of their children for years. It seems like this magical year of 1975 just will never fade away. It continues to haunt people linked to this deceptive organization.

  • sir82

    Well, look at it this way - if your parents hadn't swallowed the tripe hook line & sinker, they wouldn't have moved to that same small town....they may not have, er, copulated that particular hour of that particular day....a different, er, swimmer may have won the race to the egg....and thus you wouldn't be here to be writing this post!

    So, in a sense, you owe your life to the WTS's assertions about 1975.

  • silentbuddha

    Touche Good sir.... Touche LOL

  • stillin

    Great story! My wife and I moved into the Deep South in '75 to serve where there was a greater need. People came and went and I realized that they all had a story. Yours is heartwarming. You didn't say whether your parents are still alive, but you should try a little small-talk with them. It could prove to be entertaining!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Silent I know you are experiencing a little shock right now. Take it from a person who went through something similar. A few years after my Dad dies I found out I may have a half brother living somewhere. He had a affair with one one his employees back in the 60's. I also found out that is why we moved from central IL to FL in 1970.

    My father was what you would call a super elder. He loved talking about the evils of fornication and adultery. Everyone in the local congregations thought he was great guy. So when deep family secrets come out it is usually the children who learn of it last.

    I learned our parents are just human, just like us no matter what the cult trys to convince us of otherwise. All parents have secrets they don't want their kids to find out. You just came across some accidentally. Reflect on what you have learned and remember they was bamboozled by a cult and angry about it. I hope this helps you. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • EverApostate

    I was growing up as a high school boy in 1975 in a major city in India but never heard of this "Armageddon" or JW at all.

    So much of this "Good news would be preached in all the inhabited earth" thing.

  • OrphanCrow

    Haha! SilentBuddha, you are one of the WT's Baby Boomers.

    The generation of children born after the great disappointment of '75.

    Add about 8-10 years and all you young'uns would account for a spike somewhere in the publisher count. You are the "growth" of the 80s and early 90s.

  • silentbuddha

    I must admit it was entertaining to hear all of this and learn "the truth" about our situation now that I am 40. My parents are still alive but they literally refuse to speak to me, they hate my wife, ignore my children and I am actually kinda of happy about it because they are so deep in the JW world that they are literally crazy.

    I love them, I just cant be near them

  • Finkelstein

    1975 was posed upon the 6000 years of mankinds's existence which the WTS had used twice before the late 1960's.

    In reality it was a fear mongering tactic to spur on and heighten the WTS's literature proliferation..

    Well it did what it as it was intended, the WTS actually had a sharp increase of members during those years but the fall out after 1975 was there was dramatic increase of people who left the JWS.

  • NewYork44M

    This is a very sad story. I wish you the best.

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