No time for Donald to go to the World Economic Forum

by TheFadingAlbatros 16 Replies latest social humour

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Switzerland : "Viens Donald !" (Come Donald)

    USA : "Pas l'temps !!" (No time)

  • ctrwtf

    The man thinks its okay to withhold pay from Air Trafic Controllers to keep America Safe!

  • LV101

    Freedom isn't free. At least he's trying to protect the citizens of the US -- unfortunately the other dynasty/true political leaders failed miserably re/our safety and tax money -- oh well, that's what hard-working Americans are for. The ATC's will receive backpay -- probably only have to go another week. Least they didn't get fired like under Ronnie who stood his ground.

  • Finkelstein

    A high steel wall isn't going to stop illegal immigrants or drug traffickers etc.

    there is such a thing called a ladder.

    Just saying

  • LV101

    If a wall won't work why are the liberals so worried -- ah, yes, the price which is a joke compared to their handouts. They need the bodies over the wall for votes. Walls work in other regions of the world. The walls need to be under surveillance/drones, military -- anything/everything possible that's a deterrant. And that's why walls don't work!

  • stillin

    Walls don't work and now the TSA doesn't either. We've been made great again!

  • LV101

    Walls do work -- check out the evidence. The joke-wall for everything free in place now doesn't work.

  • Bad_Wolf

    All media and such putting blame on Trump. Democrats could cave just as much as him. And 5 billion is PENNIES. They give billions in aid, last year 1.3 trillion on medicaid and medicare (medicaid goes to illegal kids, etc). And also raising military budget by another 50 billion.

    It's all just a show. Nobody is standing up to big pharma or any of those outrageous prices and gouging.

    And the reason the general democrats don't want the wall is they want more illegals to get more votes from them popping kids, or hoping they can ilegally vote or eventually vote, to try to push their socialist agendas to get 'free' stuff oblivious that it'll turn this country into 3rd world shithole.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Anybody who says a 30 foot high wall won't do anything needs to use some basic thinking, not critical thinking, just basic thinking.

    I saw somebody post how a wall won't do anything, if anybody wants to get in hard enough, they will find a way no matter what. Sure, some will find a way, but to say that the 300,000k+ a year that sneak in southern border would not be reduced is faulty thinking.

    I told them there is a concept called too hard and deterrence. I told them if they really believe that, to empty their savings and bank account and put it all in a clear plastic bag and lay it atop their car. Based on their thinking, there is no point to put your money in a bank or keep it in your home behind locked doors. Because it's inevitable that whoever would be willing to walk by and pick up a bag of money without getting caught or seen, would also be breaking into their home, do identify theft and empty bank accounts or steal everything in their home. If somebody will pick up a bag of money, then that means they'll also just rob a bank. Risk and difficulty wouldn't make a difference.

    But anybody who has basic thinking skills will realize that a 30 foot wall and better security than having nothing will deter people from attempting and make it easier to get caught as well. A person tossing their 2 year old toddler over a 10 foot fence probably wouldn't toss them over a 30 ft high wall.

    If walls don't work, then why don't prisons tear them all down? Prisoners if they really want to escape, a wall won't keep them in will it?

    In economics, one is taught that the higher a price, the lower the demand. The lower the price, the higher the demand. The harder to sneak illegally into a country, the less will try to do it and/or be successful doing it.

    Then you also have idiots who say that more people extend their visitors visas then sneak in southern border. Those who enter by plane or boat must pass customs and have documents. We know who they are. Those who sneak in southern border without any documents we have no idea who they are, if they had been dangerous criminals previously deported, etc.

    I really do wonder if liberalism is a disease like people claim. Or just for absolute idiots. These points I made seem like they should be common sense that anybody in the human race would easily understand.

  • WillYouDFme

    Want to stop illegal immigrants?? Really or do you just like billion dollar boondoggles?

    Go after US business that HIRE them. They only come for work to support their families.

    During the Clinton and Obama administrations there was tough immigration legislation that included more border security - e verify - a hard but fair path to citizenship - and TOUGH punishment for American Businessmen who WANT illegals to work slave wages for the.

    What stopped that legislation???? Both times the Republican majority in the Senate.

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