The reality of "shunning" and character assasination highlighted at the Australian Royal Commission

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  • jwfacts

    It got a bit bogged down arguing over disassociation, which is relatively rare, and resulted in the "they are shunning us" comment.

    I spoke to Angus afterwards and explained that it is more likely that abuse victims get disfellowshipped because the emotional damage leads them to alcohol, drugs, and sexual behavior. He felt that is a good point they should have pursued, so I hope in future recommendations they highlight that is a very real plight, since victims will be shunned at the time they most need support.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I absolutely agree with you jwfacts, that at the time a victim needs the support the most, they are shunned. What a disgrace. I can not in my heart of hearts EVER see Jesus doing such a thing.

    He would do the opposite.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Has anyone done any research on the relationship between shunning and suicide inside the Society?

  • jwfacts
    Has anyone done any research on the relationship between shunning and suicide inside the Society?

    I have looked for research into suicide, including the more general topic of suicide by religious association, and have not been able to find anything. This is a topic that is a great importance and I would love to do research into it if there was a way to get access to the religious background of suicide victims.

  • cofty
    I spoke to Angus afterwards and explained that it is more likely that abuse victims get disfellowshipped because the emotional damage leads them to alcohol, drugs, and sexual behavior.

    Valuable observation.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Finklestein, your post (on page 1) really hit home for me ... re: your comments about JWs, from top to bottom, being liars, wittingly or not.

    When I was "waking up" from my mental bondage, I remember talking to some new friends about the JW religion, and the first thing one of the ladies said was "Oh! Those Jehovah's Witnesss!! They LIE!!!! Oh do they lie!! They are LIARS..!! Nothing but a bunch of liars..!!!!!"

    And I remember feeling taken aback and wondering what she could mean.... (yes, I know... my waking up was a very long process! But now I understand completely, and she was quite right!)

    I would love to talk to her now and find out to want she was referring, anything specific or examples, or people she knew, etc. It was a profound moment for me, at the time, to hear her say that JWs are all liars.... It brought me to a new level of self-examination & awareness and psychological development, if you will. It was a rude awakening....

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    jwfacts... I was wondering if you have ever spoken to Angus about the "mental ingraining" that JWs have of "This is Jehovah's organization, we must protect the image of it" "We don't want Jehovah's name damaged"

    (I can't even remember the exact way witnesses say this... I never did my self... I thought, "God can protect his own name, let people go down with their own wrongdoings")

    I mean I was standing next to a close relative of an abuse victim, who one moment was calling the WT lawyers liars, and the next moment just about screaming that she had to protect Jehovah's name.

    I do not understand how it is not something easily found written in any publications, but it is buried deep into many JW's brains, and pops out of their mouths so automatically.

    Have you been able to help Angus become aware of this?

  • LongHairGal


    Your story about the woman who said the Witnesses were liars brought back an embarrassing memory.

    Many years ago I was out in door-to-door work with an older sister that I was friendly with. She was an intelligent woman from the old days who believed that Witnesses were basically honest people. In fact, maybe JWs WERE more honest once upon a time. I had to watch what I said around her and she believed everything about the "Society" hook line and sinker. My eyes would glaze over when she launched into those prophecies and real Watchtowery stuff.

    We were at a door with a householder who was an older lady like herself. She was blathering on and on and the topic of housecleaning came up. She said she did it a little part time and proceeded to say that she was honest and as a Jehovah's Witness "we" cannot lie. I saw the lady at the door had a polite smirk on her face.

    I was so mortified at the absolute stupidity of how that sounded that I couldn't wait to get off the woman's doorstep!

  • Chook

    If I was the judge on this RC , I would of turned it into a world spectacle, if I was young again and had the energy of youth I would choose to be a lawyer. Because as we watch the RC , we as xjw know that the commission could of nailed them better.

    i would ask these WT reps if the awake in 1947 which said disfellowshipping is a pagan practice, were these writings under the direction of gods spirit?Then wait wait wait for a solid response. If any response had a flickering light response I would unleash all the back and forth of doctrine. If I cross examined I would of crucified Geoff Jackson on his "presumptuous " comment. And that lying lawyer Vin the Toole who said he had never heard of theocratic warfare. I would definitely have brought the boys undone. Karma is real

  • tor1500

    Hi LongHairGal,

    Glad you read my comment....yep, that's how I see the org. An over confident Lover with a lot of lovers to spare, we are not dating or anything because I have new lovers now, but I'll ignore you, but you can hang around....and sadly many of the friends hang around and shunned....

    I'm so sad you were treated badly in the org. and happy you got out with your mind intact.....They just wanted you to be a nobody with they can talk about you...I'm a witness...I can tell you some stories, but since I'm in, they may be recognizable....The friends don't bother me much, I work and make a good living, but at the same time, I don't spend a lot of time with them...that's how you get in trouble...oh, yeah, they try to tell me what to do or make suggestions of how I could increase my ministry, and so on....but I just pull out a scripture to support what I can do....silence...

    I found the best way to answer a witness....just like they say....let the bible speak ....& I do....


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