The reality of "shunning" and character assasination highlighted at the Australian Royal Commission

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  • stuckinarut2

    And as many of us who have simply faded out (not DA or DF) will attest, preemptive shunning takes place!

    The ARC know that fact, and were obviously frustrated at the lack of honesty by Spinks and O'Brien.

  • Chook

    The most alarming thing is that the GB hid behind diplomatic immunity . That's their real character. Baptism of children is a crime when a church puts sanctions on the child for not being able to explore other beliefs .

  • Pubsinger

    Is this in the opening address?

  • pale.emperor

    Whenever i highlight the cruelty of shunning to JWs the answer is always the same "THEY chose to leave Jehovah." "THEY knew what would happen if they decided to leave". It doesn't hide the fact that it's the JWs themselves that are doing the shunning.

    If it were scripturally sound they'd have a load of scriptures under their arm to "bravely" stand their ground. Why be ashamed of it if its scriptural? Ahhhh because it's not.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Liars Liars pants on fire....tight pants that

    We are told not to talk to the DF'd person.....never saw a faded person in the field service sometimes we knock on a door and one of the friends will say, oh that's a witness, but they haven't been to the kh for a while...if you even smile at a DF'd person and another person see's you, they come and say,'re not supposed to have any contact with them....Some of the DF'd ones are young ones, in their teens....yet, they come to all the meetings and assemblies....Shunning is so wrong...when a person does something that's the time they need contact with persons...

    Here's how the org. sees it....You are DF''s your choice to come to the hall, you know we will ignore if you are up to it....we won't stop you, come...but remember YOU WILL BE don't complain if we ignore you because you know...

    The org. is like a mate that don't want you no more, and told you that it's over, but you still call and he won't pick up the love that person so much, you put away your pride, because no matter what, you still want to be with they say, ok, you can come around (out of pity for you), but just to be around them....and knowing they are through with stick around...there is a saying...."Beat me Beat me, but don't ignore me."....

    So the org. is saying.....Why do this to did what you did and you shunned us....

    Has anyone come on the stand and say exactly what goes on in the org...I have been reading this site for a while...all this legal mumbo's the real deal....

    The org. does not report Child abuse to the authorities

    The org. tells the friends not to go to the authorities...WHY?

    If you do something the org. don't like, they will warn you, then depending on who you are in the congregation, they'll just leave at that....I've seen some folks that I know got a free pass and yet another person did a less of an offence...and got the book thrown at them...the friends say, well, the brothers take in consideration your attitude...if you are truly repentant then maybe just their privileges may be taken away. If you grovel like David did, they may not DF you.

    You cannot question their doctrine, even if it's does not line up with the bible, you just have to wait for a new light you saw before them.....

    Again, shunning is bad and some folks take it to another level....some folks are so mean they wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire....

    Coming to the hall and being shunned is one thing but to be shunned in your own home and family...that's another's your choice to go to the hall and be shunned, but you have no choice if you live with a family that shuns you....that's their choice...but again, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors...

    Right now I can say anything because it never happened to me...but at this I was Df'd or DA''m not going to the hall, to be rejected...well depends on what I did..most likely it would be because of the why go back if I don't agree...another illustration....why call a guy, that don't want me...I'm just dialing rejection...

    I do get that some have no where else to go....

    Again, all this legal mumbo jumbo.....shunning...doctrine, reporting hours...etc...not criminal offences...but...


    They are dancing all over the real problem...The Catholics did not get reprimanded for doctrine or excommunication, and other churchy stuff, BUT HIDING CRIMINALS WITH IN THE CHURCH TO PROTECT THEIR IMAGE...that's what they got in trouble for.

    .But what most don't know....I know some folks that are DF'd and still talk to their family....and been DF'd more than at the hall, the family don't talk to her but at home....I know they do...

    That's what the ARC should focus on.......ask every Brother the same question every time....did you say or were you told to tell the friends not to go to the police ? That's it...if the org. gets in trouble about this and held accountable...the other stuff they do wrong will follow...

    The org. has to change this....the ARC has to focus on this issue more than any other...Children's lives are at stake....


  • Pubsinger

    I know first hand of a current situation where a young woman who hadn't been for just under 2 years was, on the instructions of the circuit overseer, chased up about her new relationship (since remarried) and pregnancy, and disfellowshipped. This is in the last 6months, and is a direct result of the summer convention's instructions. It is a shame Angus didn't have the details about the assembly's theme and pressure to show loyalty through shunning. It's ABSOLUTELY current and shows them to be total liars.

  • Vidiot

    "Look what you made me do!"...

    ...said every asshole husband, ever.

  • LongHairGal


    The Witnesses are experts in character assassination. That much I learned while I was in the religion.


    Your post is great and says it all.

    The Witness religion is like a spiteful former mate or lover who expects people to come groveling. They are all about ABASING people. I always felt that way and figured that was part of the reason to forbid college or trying (in vain) to get me to quit a decent job and to pursue poverty doing housecleaning! They have serious issues about people having self-esteem.

    They want to see people crawling to them on broken glass.

    You are also correct about many people there being mean. As you said: they wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire....But, yet these same son-of-a-bitch Witnesses would expect you to help them if they were in distress!! ...They want their phony brotherhood to kick in when THEY need it.

    To be perfectly honest, I would run from many of these people now.

  • redpilltwice
    They actually tried to make it out to be the fault of the one who leaves!
    Then they tried to say that those who fade are NOT shunned!

    Today I´ve had multiple cringe moments watching these new video´s!

    I hardly can believe it would be possible after ARC 2015, but now I´m even more ashamed of these WT ''representatives'' who clearly haven´t learned a fuc%&ng thing!

  • 88JM

    Video summary of the bits on shunning here:

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