The Bread Illustration (Feb 16 Broadcast) - Massive Contradiction

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  • johnamos
    1 Timothy 1:12 I (Paul) am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord, who imparted power to me, because he considered me faithful by assigning me to a ministry, 13 although formerly I was a blasphemer and a persecutor and an insolent man. Nevertheless, I was shown mercy, because I was ignorant and acted with a lack of faith. 14 But the undeserved kindness of our Lord abounded exceedingly along with faith and love that is in connection with Christ Jesus. 15 Faithful and deserving of full acceptance is the saying that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Of these I am foremost. 16 Nevertheless, the reason why I was shown mercy was that by means of me as the foremost case Christ Jesus might demonstrate all his long-suffering for a sample of those who are going to rest their faith on him for everlasting life.
  • Fisherman
    I was ignorant

    Paul did not see. He was spiritually blind when he persecuted christians, but when he realized what he was doing he stopped.

  • fiddler

    Paul undoubtedly came up against a lot of different feelings and interpretations of Jesus' words in his time. Even Paul's own interpretations could easily have been called into question...he was, after all, After Jesus. Just because Paul said 'this or that' doesn't make his words the 'word of God'. Just because the governing body says 'this or that' doesn't make them inspired. Using gross visual imagery to influence heavily indoctrinated cult members that they should avoid being with their unbelieving family members is....well, Cult like.

  • Alive!
    Fisherman,Paul had all the ancient scriptures, he could have been guided by Holy Spirit and Jesus teachings - but NO, he did some terrible things....despite being a witness surely to truly anointed men and women....and what changed him? A library of dodgy books, false prophecies?NO.... All out supernatural phenomena.He experienced full, non- negotiable communication from the throne of God.But then again, Peter saw the Lord, listened to his words ( guess that would be 100% HS inspired?) and still managed to deny - and was forgiven.
    Frankly, I suspect the WT leaders should be trembling given their history and disgusting words of 'judgement' on those who don't align with their dodgy 'teachings'.
    Anyhoo - it's a journey, theirs, ours and everyone's.......

  • stuckinarut2

    So when an organization claims to be the sole representative for God, yet gets many huge teachings and practices wrong, is that not blasphemous?

    Is that sinning against the Holy Spirit?

  • awake!watcher
    I thought leaven represented sin, not garlic. I kinda like garlic. Does that make me bad?
  • WTWizard

    The whole illustration is bogus. For sure, they got themselves into a pickle with that one, in addition to boasting that joke-hova discards people like rubbish. As for the bread, people can and do eat bread with garlic on it, on purpose. It is often sold like that. As for the "mud", I think it looks like chocolate syrup (full of high fructose corn syrup but otherwise no worse than the bread). And I would be willing to bet the "toxic" substance is the most nutritious part of the bread, with nothing worse than magnesium chloride.

    The whole thing illustrates what a hateful god joke-hova really is. That thing will happily throw away, like rubbish, anyone that is useless to it. Whether it be for exposing the fact that joke-hova is trying to enslave the whole human race and make people offended by the real truth, or by outright renouncing the butt-holy spirit leading people to their damnation and enslavement of the whole world, it is the fact that joke-hova cannot stand up to the truth. I would sooner dispose of joke-hova like a piece of rubbish, along with its worthless and fictitious "son" Jesus (the real Christ is really the SUN).

    Now, I can only hope that Satan hasn't decided to throw me away like a piece of rubbish...

  • baker
    When bread is made, government standards allow for a certain amount of debre per ton example 4 mice, some dirt and mud
  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Who IS this guy? Undefiled bread? Who says that? Any he covers the first loaf and dips the other one in the corner, as indicated by the comments. How could anyone see this as otherwise (well, unless your a JW.) Even the last loaf, he put so much garlic on that poor undefiled loaf that it was most like inedible.

    I love the JW.ORG. They look more like idiots with every broadcast.

  • johnamos

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